Beerhunter’s Beer Glass Guide

Beerhunter's Beer Glass Guide | Beerhunter

With the evolution of beer has come the evolution of beer glasses. Differing in material, size and shape, each beer glass lends itself to different beer styles in order to achieve the optimal taste and temperature.

At Beerhunter, we offer a variety of different beer glass types, so that our customers can enjoy their favourite beers at their best. Our branded beer glasses are a firm favourite amongst our customers, accompanying many of our mixed cases. Although the world hosts many different beer glasses, we have picked out the best 6 beer glasses to create the perfect guide for our beer loving customers.

Firstly, the Pint. The pint glass is a staple, typically used to serve beer, however also commonly used for cider. The design of this beer glass makes it the perfect glass for pubs as the shape and durable glass avoids chipping when stacking. Beerhunter stock an array of pint glasses to accompany firm favourite beers such as Beavertown and Flensburger beers.

Beerhunter Pint Glass | Beerhunter
Beerhunter Schooner Glass | Beerhunter

Secondly, the Schooner. The schooner glass is a smaller glass with curved edges and a short stem. The smaller size of the glass means the beer can be enjoyed quickly before it warms up, making this beer glass a firm favourite in warmer countries. The best beer glass for IPA’s and other high ABV beers. Our Beerhunter branded beer glass adopts the style of a schooner, making it the perfect pairing to many of our gift sets.

Next up on our list, the Stein. The stein glass is a German classic, traditionally made from stoneware. The word ‘Stein’ translating to ‘Stone’. A sturdy beer glass that has become a firm favourite amongst the beer community, specifically lager drinkers. The German stein can sometimes feature hinged lids – traditionally a feature invented to inhibit contamination of the beer during the black plague. Accompanying many of our German beer packs at Beerhunter, the stein glass takes a firm place on our list of favourites.

Schneider Weiss Pilsner Glass | Beerhunter

The Pilsner. The Pilsner glass is a tall, thin glass used to serve beer, more specifically, pilsner. What is pilsner? Similar to lager, this German beer combines a light blonde colour with a strong hoppy flavour. The broader top of the pilsner glass helps to maintain a good head of the beer, keeping the light flavour. Many of our glasses at Beerhunter adopt the pilsner shape, the perfect partner to our variety of lagers and pilsners.

The Belgian vessel often used to serve beer, the Goblet. A long, thick stem, supporting a bowl, this beer goblet glass is preferred for drinking beers with a high ABV. Its wide mouth allows the drinker to analyse the rich flavours of these types of beers. Like the Schooner, this glass’ stem allows the beer to be enjoyed without getting warm quickly. As Belgian beers are a huge seller at Beerhunter, we have a selection of Goblets alongside our gift sets and multi packs to enjoy these beers at their best.

Erdinger Weizen Glass | Beerhunter

Last, but certainly not least on our list of the best beer glasses – the Weizen. Taking a similar shape to the Pilsner, the Weizen glass adopts a long thin shape with a slightly broader top. What makes the Weizen glass unique? The curved lip intended to trap the head of the Weizen beer and secure the perfect flavour. Holding more than a pint glass, this German favourite is intended to host the rich, wheat flavours of the top-fermented beer. At Beerhunter, we offer branded Weizen glasses for German classics such as Erdinger and Hofbrau.

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