Best Alcohol Free Beers

Alcohol free beer is the perfect way to enjoy all the delicious tastes of your favourite beer without regrets the next day. Beerhunter has a mega selection of the best alcohol free beverages you can buy on the market. We offer Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects, Erdinger Alcohol Free, Guinness Draught Alcohol Free, and more.

Our Beerhunter alcohol free bestsellers consist of the most popular alcohol free lagers, whether that be from our loyal customers or our beer tasting experts here at Beerhunter. Many alcohol free beer brands are available for choice here at Beerhunter, but we can only choose our top 5. 

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The first spot must go to the one and only Erdinger Alcohol Free. This wheat beer is truly multi-talented. It delivers a refreshing taste of spicy malt notes with caramel-sweet nuances. This Erdinger Alcohol Free is not only low in alcohol percentage but also low in calories. Offering only 25 calories per 100ml. So, treat yourself to a refreshing nonalcoholic beer after a hard day of work, or simply just for enjoyment

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Brooklyn Special Effects




The next best alcohol free beer we recommend is Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects. This is a hoppy lager with a piney aroma with a pleasantly bitter finish. Brooklyn Brewery made Special Effects with the vision of allowing beer enthusiasts to drink in more places, at more occasions, and be enjoyed by more people. They have done just that! And so much more.

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Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol Free Wheat Beer is rich in isotonic, vitamins, and flavour. It is the perfect drink for a health and fitness enthusiast. It allows a great balance of delicious tastes, and nutrition and wellness. Although, alcohol free beer calories are generally low, this Maisel’s Weisse Alcohol Free has only 26 calories per 100ml. Enjoy during a work lunch break, post or pre-workout drink, or simply for pure enjoyment.

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Guinness Draught Alcohol Free Stout 440ml Cans



Guinness Draught Alcohol Free Stout is a fantastic example of a perfect alcohol free beverage. It has the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour, and unique dark colour as the original, but without the alcohol. Guinness Draught is created by brewing it as it always has been. Then, gently remove the alcohol using the cold filtration method. This way, Guinness Draught Alcohol Free has all the flavours as the original, without the alcohol.



Our final spot goes to not just one beer, but six; It is the Alcohol Free Mixed Beer Case. This case offers a mega selection of craft beers, including Erdinger Alcohol Free, Fruh Kolsch 0.0%, Jupiler 0.0%, Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects, Jever Fun, and Brewdog Nanny State. Try different breweries interpretations of alcohol free beverages. 

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Alcohol Free Mixed Beer Case Non Alcoholic Beer with Glass (12 Pack)