Best Beer and Food For Valentine's

Best Beer and Food Pairings for Valentine’s Day

Having a romantic dinner with your partner is one of the greatest ways to spend Valentine’s Day. However, as this year’s holiday falls on a Sunday, you’ll be hoping to indulge in a tipple or two while tucking into some glorious grub.

You won’t want to ruin a special meal by mixing flavours that don’t complement each other. So, which drinks and dishes will work well together? We’ve put our expert knowledge to good use by listing the top beer and food pairings for Valentine’s Day.

Punchy Pints for Pasta

If you were planning on creating your own Lady and the Tramp moment this Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to pick a pristine pint to go with your perfectly prepared pasta.

The right brew depends on the sort of pasta dish you’re after – in particular, the kind of sauce served with it. Those with a rich tomato sauce will work best with a balanced amber ale, while a creamy Alfredo sauce will blend excellently with a sweet stout. Alternatively, a herby pesto sauce can be plated up alongside a bold Belgian ale. Yum!

What to Drink with Pizza?

If there are two things that most people love, it’s pizza and beer. This winning combination couldn’t be easier to accomplish, just match the tipple with the toppings.

For example, if you’re slicing up a tempting pepperoni pizza, opt for a hoppy IPA. This will go well with the meat’s salty flavour and greasy texture, while complementing the spices found in the smooth sauce.

If you’re looking to keep it simple, pair a pilsner with a magnificent margarita. The balanced, light nature of this style makes it a good choice. Why? Because it ensures that the pizza’s simplistic taste isn’t overwhelmed by the bitterness of your brew.

Bottles to Sup with Steaks

Another popular food option to enjoy on February 14th? A juicy steak! Beer has always been a cracking companion to this divine dish, but which brilliant bottles are the best accompaniment?

The key is to make your decision based on the meat’s tenderness. Different cuts of steak have varying levels of firmness once they’re cooked, so you need to consider this when selecting an accompanying beverage.

One of the most tender cuts of steak is tenderloin (who would’ve thought it?), which can be coupled beautifully with a West Coast IPA. Meanwhile, a light lager will really enhance the flavour of a filet mignon. Get these combos right, and your meal is guaranteed to be a cut above the rest (see what we did there?)

What Next?

Now that we’ve got your mouth watering, it’s time to prepare for the big day. The only thing worse than messing up your beer pairings is having no beer at all, so don’t forget to order a case in advance. Browse our enormous range, today.