Best Beers to Drink with your Christmas Dinner

When writing your Christmas dinner list, it’s crucial that you consider what you’ll be drinking. We know that the lager lovers at the table will want an array of options available. For this reason, we’ve created this handy guide to help you build your knowledge on the best beer pairings for each part of your meal.

Anyone who’s meat-free, don’t worry; we’ve got the number one vegan and vegetarian brews to go with your favourite alternative dishes!

Spectacular Starters

If you’re the type to munch on a starter before the main arrives, we commend your eating abilities. Since you’ll be stuffed later, you’re going to need a lighter beverage to sup alongside your first course. 

For those of you who love to savour seafood (we’re thinking a prawn cocktail or smoked salmon), try a slightly spiced Saison. A Hitachino Nest Saison Du Japon will do the trick; it provides perfect peppery and citrus aromas. 

Or, serve a simple wheat beer with tiny morsels and small nibbles, like goat’s cheese veggie tarts. Opt for ERDINGER Weissbier, it’s crisp (plus, it’s super refreshing)!

The Main Course

It’s key that you pair your pint with the most important meal of the year! 

Turkey fans, listen up: enjoy a Leffe Ruby alongside this juicy meat. The mild fruitiness from the orange rind works a treat. Just think how well it will go with cranberry sauce!

Alternatively, if you’re chowing down on a vegan Christmas dinner, savour a tempting brown brew with your nut roast. Pour out a Green’s Dark Ale, which has marvellous malty notes. Not only is this delicious drink plant-based, but it’s also gluten-free. 

Delectable Desserts

Mince pies are an outstanding staple this festive season. These rich, fruity delights are fantastic light bites to relish after a filling main course (and all the second helpings)! Plus, these beauties are usually veggie-friendly. Score!

Another trusty dessert choice is the classic Christmas cake. Luckily, there are easy ways to make this suitable for vegans, too.

The stand-out flavours of these two favourites need an equally bold brew to accompany them. Try a heavy stout, like First Chop POD, which offers intense tastes of vanilla and chocolate to match these sweet dishes.

Any Room Left? 

There’s no doubt you’re fit to burst! That doesn’t mean we can’t graze and snack throughout the rest of the day, though. A glass of American pale ale is delightfully hoppy and nice to sip on between mouthfuls, so it’s great to have a few bottles of this style waiting in the fridge.

Happy Sipping!

Whether you’re a meat-eater or lead a fully plant-based lifestyle, there are plenty of beers available to pair with your Xmas feast. Cheers!

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