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Best Selling Beers

Beerhunter has put together all our best selling beers for our beer enthusiasts to try. With this selection of lagers, you will be taken across the world to sup on the best lagers known to us.

First off, we have Augustiner Helles; an absolute belter of a beer. There’s a reason its Beerhunters top lager! Augustiner Helles is made according with the German beer Purity law. This means it is made using only the best Bavarian beer hops and malt. Augustiner Hell is a lager beer that is crisp and smooth with a light hoppy finish. This larger is truly the ultimate lager beer.

Second, we have Pabst Blue Ribbon; made using only the finest hops and grains. It has been selected as Americas best lager in 1893. With its distinctive brew and refreshing flavour, Pabst Blue Ribbon is bright in colour with light amber highlights and a delicate aroma of hops. Established in 1844 in Milwaukee. Pabst Blue Ribbon has travelled to the UK to show off its true American lager beer style.

Finally, Lowenbrau beer is produced in Munich according to the Bavarian beer purity law in Germany. This law regulates the ingredients breweries can put in the beers. Meaning they only put the best ingredients to create the nicest tasting beers. This is one of the reasons Lowenbrau is in the top lager beers of Beerhunter.