Can You Drink Out of Date Beer?

Picture the scene; it’s Friday night and you’re sitting in a state of total bliss as you unwind on your sofa. The only thing that could make this better is a cold can of your favoured beverage. However, when you reach the kitchen, you find that your bottle reserve is in pretty short supply – uh oh!

After scrambling through every cupboard, you eventually unearth one last brew hidden at the back of the fridge – but it’s past its use-by date. What do you do? Can you drink out of date beer? This is a nightmare situation, but in this case, a little knowledge is a useful thing.

Read on to uncover your options…

Should You, or Shouldn’t You?

It’s the big question: should you drink that old tipple at the bottom of your cooler or not? Well, it really depends.

The good news is that packaged beer doesn’t “go off” in the same way that most foodstuffs do. No nasty substances will grow once it’s fully fermented, so you can relax because it will be perfectly safe to consume. Hooray!

What Happens to Beer Past its Use-By Date?

Unfortunately, there is a catch; while you can guzzle a beer beyond its use-by date, there’s a fair chance that you won’t want to.

When it expires, it will begin to oxidize, which will affect both its flavour and aroma. You may notice it has a papery or popcorn-like taste, as well as an unusual colour. Plus, it will almost certainly have gone flat!

Take Precautions with Your Pint

Most sources agree that beer can last anywhere from six to 24 months after its use-by date. Glugging a spoiled beverage won’t be too fun, though, so it pays to do a few pre-pint inspections before taking a sip of that expired bottle.

Firstly, make sure the packaging hasn’t been damaged, and check that there isn’t any strange looking stuff floating around in the drink itself. Then, crack it open and examine how it smells; if it has a notably bad odour, you know to give this one a miss.

Try the Taste Test

Finally, if all else fails, have a quick taste test, because it could have a stale or even soapy flavour. In fact, some spoiled beers can be overly acidic or bitter, while others can taste a bit like cardboard! In these instances, you’ll have to accept that your brew has had its day. Don’t worry, you can always buy more.

Order a Fresh Case

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