Cooking with Beer at Christmas

At Beerhunter, we’re all about great brews. From pilsners to IPAs, there are so many different types of the stuff, each with individual tastes and aromas. In fact, not only do we like to drink them, we quite like putting them in our food, too.

So, why not get creative with your Christmas recipes this year? If you’re interested, simply read on to discover our latest ideas for cooking with beer at Xmas time!

Warm Up this Winter

There’s nothing like a gooey bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese to warm you up on a chilly evening. To really give the sauce a little something extra, we like to stir in a bit of beer. Why don’t you give it a go yourself?

Make sure you don’t choose a tipple that’s too heavy or overpowering though! A light pale ale is all that’s needed to add a subtle, but effective flavour to this American favourite. Opt for a US brand like the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – it’s so temptingly indulgent!

Put a Spin on an Xmas Classic

Christmas pudding, love it or hate it, is a traditional part of a Christmas dinner. Any classic recipe calls for brandy, but we’re encouraging you to put a Beerhunter twist on this pud by swapping liquor out for stout.

Consider using Alphabet Brewing’s There Cannoli Be One stout. This dark and full-bodied beverage boasts flavours of chocolate, pistachio and vanilla (which will work wonderfully with a sweet Chrimbo pudding)!

A Sumptuous Side Dish

If you’re willing to take a risk with your dinner this year, we recommend making an addition to the beloved roastie. Take the plunge and add beer to your roast potatoes to give them a scrumptious coating. Any hoppy brew is best here, so think about using a pilsner with herby and floral notes, like Germany’s Jever Pilsener.

Spice Up Your Drinks

Who doesn’t like to savour a lavish bottle of beer at this time of year? However, if you fancy spicing things up slightly, you could turn a run-of-the-mill pint into something super exciting. We’ve all heard of mulled cider and mulled wine, but what about mulled ale?

Mix your chosen golden ale, such as Brightside Brewing’s Manchester Skyline, with honey, nutmeg, lemon peel and a stick of cinnamon, then warm through and serve. Simple and delicious – you won’t want to skip this one!

Share the Beer Love

When you’re tired of cooking, have a bit of fun and invite the family to join in on a cheese tasting extravaganza! You can compile your festive spread and purchase a pack of brews to match. For instance, this Chimay gift set features all four styles of their Belgian Trappist bottles.

Each kind offers a different taste sensation. Chimay Red is nice and fruity, while Chimay Blue is a much darker and stronger ale. Enjoy pairing every glass with a particular slice of cheddar or brie.

Have a Hoppy Xmas!

Try some of these brew-tastic recipes at home and experiment this Christmas with Beerhunter!

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