Creating the Perfect Serve: A Guide to Pulling Pints at Home

When you’re cracking open a cold one on an evening, do you always end up with an overly foamy beer? If that’s the case, you’re probably pouring your brew the wrong way. This can cause your drink to look, and taste, different.

Knowing how to pour a pint correctly is a crucial life skill (at least we think so), especially while we’re all enjoying beverages at home! So, we’ve created this quick and easy guide to the perfect serve.

Get the Basics Right

  1. Hold your glass at a 45-degree angle, so that the liquid falls onto the inside surface
  2. When it’s almost full, tilt the glass back to a level position and keep pouring into the centre. This way, you should end up with the right amount of foam (around 2cm is best)

If you really want to up your pint game, there are a couple of other things you can do. For instance, think about the temperature of the ale, and skim the top of the head off in order to preserve all of those delightful aromas!

It’s true that certain beers will benefit from being poured slightly differently, but these are the standard steps to take for lager and most other tipples.

Pick the Correct Glass

In our last blog, we rounded up five of our favourite beer glasses. If you read that post, you’ll know that we also talked about how their size and shape can actually affect the smell and flavours of the beverage inside. It turns out there’s more to glassware than meets the eye!

Lots of brewers create their own branded glasses which are ideally suited to their products. However, since you can’t purchase every single one, just find a few select kinds (such as a chalice, a stein and a regular pint) and you’ll be good to go! Browse our collection to grab some key styles, today.

Buy the Best Equipment

Now that you know how to pour the perfect pint, and are about to get your hands on the greatest glassware, you may as well invest in the leading equipment. This includes your very own keg and Beerhunter BeerTap!

Not only do these provide dynamite draught beer at home, but it makes pulling your next pint even easier! Rather than pouring straight from the can, simply use the handy tap to help you. It’s just like being at the pub but from the comfort of your own kitchen.

We’ve got an entire selection for you to choose from, too. Decide between mini-kegs, which contain five litres (or around eight and a half pints) of your preferred brew, or larger ones that range from 20 to 30 litres!

Be sure to shop all of the above items alongside a case of your usual hops, so you can enjoy a sumptuous serve, every time. Order today, for delivery direct to your door.

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