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Dry January: What Beers Can I Drink This Month?

If you’re one of the few still wondering “what is Dry January?”, let us enlighten you. It’s a month-long UK campaign which sees the average Joe cut out alcohol from the 1st up until the 30th.

Many people take part for health reasons or to save a bit of money, while others may just fancy challenging themselves. It’s certainly become more and more popular for those with a “new year, new me” mindset. 

So, if avoiding alcohol is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, keep reading; we’ve got some helpful Dry January tips for you!

Relish the Same Great Taste

Now you know all about this annual event, you might be thinking: “Why would a beer brand like us want to inspire our customers to go sober?”. Well, we believe that you can still enjoy the taste of your favourite tipples, without the alcohol!

There’s a huge collection of these beers at your fingertips. For this reason, we’re encouraging you to choose no and low-alcohol beverages in place of your usual pint! 

You’ll never need to reach for a lime and soda again, nor will you have to avoid drinking situations altogether. Instead, you can sip on a bundle of these bottles, which are packed with flavour.

Find Your Old Faithful

Most of the leading breweries in the UK (and across the globe) currently offer alcohol-free options, including your beloved lager brewers. 

Pick up a box of Heineken® 0.0. It possesses the same refreshing and soft aftertaste, but the alcohol is removed in their double-brewing process.

If you’re an avid wheat beer fan, you can crack open a case of Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei, featuring an ABV of just 0.5 percent. Pour out a glass of this slightly spicy, amber-coloured beverage and savour its full flavour.

Try Something New This New Year

Even if you weren’t planning to jump on the Dry January trend, use this month as a good excuse to support breweries you wouldn’t usually shop with. 

To get a taste of America, opt for a 12 pack of Special Effects Hoppy Amber. These bottles (from Brooklyn Brewery) are lively and zesty, with less than 0.5 percent ABV. Any craft beer lovers will feel right at home…

If you’re after a plant-based, de-alcoholised brew, purchase some Superior Unfiltered Lager by Lucky Saint. These fresh British beverages contain 0.5 percent ABV.

Start Now!

To ensure you’re prepared for the whole month, snap up our pack of 12 low-alcohol beers. This mixed case includes cracking concoctions from the likes of BrewDog and ERDINGER Weissbräu in a selection of styles, as well as your very own Beerhunter branded glass.

Check out our entire range, today.

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