February Beer of the Month

Get your bottle openers at the ready; it’s time to announce our beer of the month for February!

There was no shortage of contenders for our latest (and greatest) featured pint. However, we’re delighted to reveal that our next beer of the month is the refreshing Budweiser Budvar Original.

Coming all the way from the Czech Republic, this beloved brew is adored around the globe. What makes it so special? Well, it’s actually cold-conditioned in the cellar for seven times longer than other beverages. This clears the liquid to create a pale colour, sweet taste and alluring aroma.

Much of this beer’s rich flavour also comes from its use of herbal Saaz hops, which are sourced from the small Czech town of Žatec. Combine these with pure water, yeast and Moravian barley, and the result is this classic drink. It’s no wonder that it’s such a hit with lager lovers.

Get stocked up for the month ahead, now, by grabbing a 20-pack of this top tipple!