Five Brilliant Beer Glasses to Round off the Perfect Pint

Today, we’re featuring our top five beer glasses to round off the perfect pint. Whether it’s the best-looking style or one that will hold an entire can, just select your favourite. Then, go ahead and purchase it alongside a pack of brilliant brews, now.

1. Flying Dog Pint Glass

If you’re just beginning your collection, it’s crucial to have a simple, understated glass ready to be brought out on any occasion. Try this one from Flying Dog Brewery; it feels as though you’ve just bought a pint from your local but from the comfort of your own home!

2. Ayinger Official Branded Stein

This is the only way to drink German beer; this mighty glass holds one whole litre of Ayinger (or another Bavarian brew)! It’s a classic stein-style that wouldn’t look out of place at Oktoberfest. So, simply don your lederhosen and pour out a pilsner…

Opt for the plastic Erdinger stein if you’re searching for a slightly cheaper option. While ensuring it will last in even the clumsiest of hands, its material also makes it a little more affordable.

3. Beavertown Brewery Disco Skull Pint Glass

Inject some colour onto your kitchen shelf with this fun and funky item from Beavertown. The groovy pattern is certain to make it stand out from the rest of your craft beer glasses, so you’re bound to reach for it the next time you crack open one of their cans!

4. Leffe Trappist Glass

As well as being an alternative to supping your tipple straight from the bottle, there’s more to branded beer glasses than you might think. Choosing the right one can actually affect the taste of the beverage inside!

The engraving on the neck of this Leffe glass allows you to hold it for longer without warming up your beer. Plus, the round top and small neck ensure that all of the aromas are concentrated together. You can fit up to 330ml of ale into this fancy chalice, which portrays the famous Abbey beer brewer’s logo.

5. Official Beerhunter Schooner Glass

Now, we couldn’t create a shortlist of our most-loved glassware without including a tribute to, well, ourselves. Our Official Schooner Glass is an ideal measure for any beverage, from lagers to pale ales. So, why not enjoy your next drink in this retro-looking option?

We’ve also included it in a few of our mixed packs of hops. Check out our Best of British Craft Beer Gift Pack, which contains five cans of brew, our schooner and two bags of pretzel bites!

Got your eye on one already? Grab yourself a glorious glass and an accompanying case of beer, today. Or, browse through the other products on our site, now. Cheers!

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