Five Fun Facts About Beer

As we’re sure you know already, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as an ice-cold brew. What you may be unaware of, though, is the fascinating history and special quirks of this diverse drink.

That’s why we’ve created a post packed with fun facts about beer! Not only will this help you learn a thing or two, but it’ll give you some great talking points for when you’re having a pint with your pals.

Read on to discover several exciting revelations!

1. It’s Full of Vitamins

It may come as a surprise to you, but that beloved brew you sip is bursting with vitamins. This is thanks to a few of its hearty ingredients (like yeast), alongside the fermentation process.

Every glass you glug features a whole load of minerals and vitamins. Take B vitamins – these bad boys are present in every bottle! How impressive is that?

2. Beer is The World’s Most Consumed Alcoholic Beverage

Yep, you read that correctly: beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world. Only water and tea are guzzled more, which also makes it the third most slurped beverage across the globe! Of course, we love the stuff, so we can certainly see why it’s immensely popular.

3. You Can Bathe in It to Boost Your Blood Circulation

In places like the Czech Republic, as well as soaking up the beer-loving atmosphere, you can soak in the drink itself!

Tourists and locals often visit the many beer spas here to reap all the rewards of this delicious drink. These include boosting blood circulation and softening dry skin, to name just a few. Who knew that bathing in it for twenty minutes could bring such brilliant health benefits?

4. Beer Doesn’t Actually Cause a Beer Belly

The term “beer belly” is not as it appears; the beer itself doesn’t make you put weight on your stomach. Hurrah! Although, sipping it does leave you feeling hungry for fatty foods because the malt, hops and alcohol combine to trigger your appetite. So, eating those post-tipple treats is what leads to a bulging tum, not the actual beverage.

5. Beer Foam is Formed by Carbon Dioxide

A frothy head is not man-made; there’s no magic inventor of this sublime finishing touch. Instead, it’s created by carbon dioxide…who’d have thought it?

When you pour your brew into a glass, the carbon dioxide (which is formed during the fermentation process) is released. Well, that foamy goodness has to come from somewhere!

Grab A Cracking Case, Now

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Order a pack from our extensive selection, today, to satisfy your craving. Then, sift through our other blogs to find out more about this tremendous tipple and its origins.

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