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Freedom Brewery: Beer Reviews and Comparisons

In our latest blog post, we’re continuing our series of beer reviews and comparisons. Today, we’ll discuss the hoppy collection of brews by Freedom Brewery, helping you to decide which one to try first. Read on to discover four of their finest beers, before ordering a case directly to your door!

Who Are They?

Freedom Brewery began way back in 1995! Unimpressed by the choice of lager available at the time, the team set up an independent brewery in Fulham. Now, it’s based on a spacious farm in Staffordshire, focusing on sustainable brewing.

They use the water from a natural spring beneath the ground in their beer, which gives it a totally unique character. Then, it’s cleaned and returned to the environment. What a win!

What Beers do they Sell?

Using only the best ingredients, as well as a process of long-maturing, Freedom Brewery produces full-flavoured, refreshing drinks in a variety of styles. 

These brewers believe in great beer, made just as it should be, without any gimmicks. That’s why they use just four classic ingredients in their products. That means they’re suitable for vegans, too!

Freedom Lager and Freedom Helles

As self-confessed lager-lovers, the team decided to create a proper British lager to be enjoyed on any occasion. This light, bright beverage is the perfect accompaniment to a packet of crisps; the experience is just like being at the pub but from the comfort of your own sofa!

Did they stop at just one? Of course not. They also made a full-bodied Helles; a lager with a slightly sweeter taste. Brewed using Hallertau Tradition hops, they’ve kept this style true to its German origins. It’s pale and floral, with a balance of flavours that is guaranteed to please.

Freedom Pils

Next up is a twist on an authentic Czech beer: Freedom Pils. These bottles contain a complex golden pilsner that makes a fantastic pint. Crack open the top to take in the citrus smell, before enjoying the bittersweet brew inside. 

Thanks to the combination of Saaz and Centennial hops, each glass is a delightful mix of European and American style. See if you can detect the notes of toffee when you pick up a pack for yourself!

Freedom Session IPA

Brewed using Pacific Jade and Citra hops, this session IPA is light and easy to sup. Alongside the fresh aromas of grapefruit, drinkers will notice its crisp taste and slight bitterness. 

This was actually a limited edition release by the brewers in 2020. Luckily, at Beerhunter, we have been able to get our hands on some! However, we don’t recommend that you hang around. Instead, grab yourself a case now, as it might not be here forever…

If one (or even all) of these brews sounds right up your street, you can order them all from us with just one click, today.

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