Hoppy Histories: The Origins of Beer

Beer is actually one of the earliest drinks ever produced by humans. How impressive is that?

We’re well aware that you love an ice-cold brew; you wouldn’t be reading this article otherwise. However, you may not know about the history of beer as you guzzle down a glass. If you don’t, you’re in luck, as we’ve decided to discuss where this mighty beverage came from. Yep, you can thank us later. 

Did you Know That…

  • Beer is the oldest recorded recipe in the whole world? 
  • It was deemed as a gift from a goddess in nearly every ancient society, but never a (male) God?
  • Back in the day, Queen Elizabeth I would consume a glass for breakfast?

So, Who Invented Beer?

This question has likely popped into your head before now, but you might not have looked for the answer. Well, here it is – women. 

The famous Greek philosopher, Plato, once said, “He was a wise man who invented beer” but oh how wrong he was! Plato’s assumption that men created beer was far from the truth. In fact, guys were strictly prohibited from consuming the stuff or operating breweries for thousands of years.

That’s right, we have women to thank for bringing this divine drink into our lives. Although, by the start of the late 18th century, the beer-making process had changed entirely, which meant women’s involvement slowly began to disappear.

How Was Beer Originally Produced?

The earliest beer in history wasn’t a liquid tipple served in a pint glass. It was first made almost 7,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, taking the form of a solid clay tablet. We bet you weren’t expecting that!

It’s believed that people would enjoy this version of beer from a communal bowl, using reed straws to slurp it down.

How Did It Sustain Its Popularity?

Beer is still loved by many drinkers across the globe today, but why? For a start, it has a lot less alcohol per ounce compared to other boozy beverages. This means that a night at the pub with your mates can be done in moderation.

Plus, there are oodles of different styles and flavours on the market to choose from; one brew can vary considerably to the next.

Let’s Cheers to That!

Now you’ve learnt about this hop-tastic tipple, it’s time to order a cracking case. Check out our extensive selection, to truly treat yourself.

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