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How to Make Your Own Brew Shed: Our Top Tips

The sunny weather has finally returned – hooray! However, when night falls, it can get a little nippy out there. That’s why we’re using our latest post to help you create your very own brew-tastic bar.

A bold-looking beer shed will certainly keep you toasty on a cool spring evening. Plus, from the 17th of May, you can invite your pals inside to show off your new pint-pulling pad! Why not celebrate the occasion in style by serving them a cold one?

Read on to build your own brilliant beer station and make your neighbours jealous!

How to Make a Pull-Up Bar from Home?

First of all, invest in a sturdy (and spacious) shed. If you’re seeking out a real challenge, try constructing one yourself from scratch. That way, you’ll be glugging glasses from within your own personal creation!

The most vital thing to consider is space. How much room will it take up? How big would you like it to be? A brew shed needs to be nice and spacious, so base your decision around this important factor.

Make It Your Own

Once you’ve started, you can get really inventive with how you design it. Put together a snack bar (for when you have the nibbles) and stock up on treats, or whip up a few make-shift beer taps for a swifter drinking experience. The choice is all yours!

You could pop a TV in there, too, for when your nearest and dearest are allowed inside. Then, you’ll be able to watch your favourite Netflix series as you glug on a tasty tipple, or just put some top tunes on and let the good times roll. 

Alternatively, Use What’s Already Available

Our parents always told us as kids, “waste not, want not”. So, if you have an unused shed sitting in the garden, a washed-out wendy house or even some spare garage space, start your brew shed adventure there. You can refurbish any of these to create a relaxing hop-haven. 

Spruce it up with a colourful rug and a collection of beer wall prints. Then, finish it off with a bright lamp, a couple of comfy chairs to relax in and a table to rest your beverages on. Oh, and ensure your trusty bottle opener is in reach for everyone to use at all times!

Fill Up Your Fridge

Of course, a home bar needs to feature a fridge, filled with the greatest drinks on the market. That’s where we come in; you can get your hands on oodles of marvellous mixed cases that are brimming with flavour. 

If your mates prefer a low alcohol beer, don’t worry; we have a set to tickle their fancy, too. Choose the one best suited to you and whoever’s popping over, then, it’ll be sent straight to your house. All you’ll have to do from there is answer the door.

Get the Beers In

Order one of our cracking cases, now, to impress your pals and kick off your spring soiree with a bang! Afterwards, check out our other interesting articles to learn more about this delicious tipple.

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