How to Play Beer Pong: Our Top Tips

There’s no house party activity quite like a classic beer pong contest. How could there be? The winner gets to savour the sweet taste of victory. For everyone else, enjoy the delicious taste of beer. Let’s be honest, there are no losers in this game!

Regardless, we’re certain you’ll still be wanting to come out on top. After all, you need to bag those precious bragging rights over your mates. That’s where we can lend a hand; we’ve rounded up some killer tips for making every shot a slam-drink…

Read on to find out how to play beer pong in the best way possible. 

Add a Tantalizing Twist

The most important part about planning any party game? Trying to make it as fun as you can. If a standard match feels too ordinary for you, why not spice things up a bit? There’s no shortage of stuff you can do to add an extra element of excitement to this tipple-tastic activity. 

Stacking cups, giving prizes to the winners and throwing multiple balls at once – the possibilities really are endless! Our personal favourite is to place a ring in the middle of the table. If your shot flies through the ring before landing in a drink, you’ll get double points. This is sure to up the stakes (and smiles) for whoever takes part.

It’s All in The Technique

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and the same is true for beer pong. There is no real right or wrong way to launch a ball in this game, it’s all about finding the technique that works for you.

Some people are more comfortable using a firm, speedy shot, whereas others will prefer to add a bounce. Alternatively, you might opt for an arc-like toss, by gently looping it into the cup. Everyone’s preference differs, so keep trying until you discover a method that gets results.

Learn, Adapt, Overcome

We’ve all been there: you’re agonisingly close to winning, but there’s a shot that you just can’t seem to make. You’ve even hit the rim three times in a row!

The key here is to identify which cups are causing you problems. If there’s one you’re struggling with, look at switching things up a bit. Consider throwing from a different angle or adjusting the amount of power you apply. With a little persistence, you’ll eventually secure the victory.

Order a Box of Bottles

Without beer, there is no beer pong. If you’re planning on playing a few rounds with your pals, ensure you get stocked up ahead of the day. Order a case straight to your door, now.

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