How to Stein at Home: Picking the Right Beers for Your Oktoberfest at Home

Oktoberfest 2020 might be officially cancelled, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t all celebrate from the comfort of our homes with a cheeky tipple or two! This year, we’re encouraging our loyal customers to throw their own socially-distanced parties.

Better yet, we’re on hand to help you put together your perfect celebration and that starts with choosing some delicious drinks. Simply put, you can’t have an Oktoberfest without the right beverages. Read on to discover the best beers for your Bavarian bash, so that you too can #steinathome.

Grab an Authentic Festbier

If you’re going to create a truly traditional Oktoberfest theme, you’d better keep it authentic and get your hands on some Festbier. Not heard of it? Don’t worry; Festbier is the name given to the beers that are actually served at Oktoberfest in Munich! Many breweries have their own version, including ABK and Weihenstephaner, both of which are well worth sampling.

It’s a strong Helles which is golden in colour and has a distinctive flavour – tasty! This shouldn’t be confused with Märzenbier, though, a lager that used to be sold at the festival.  Glug back a glass of this stuff and let the aromas take you back to 2019’s festival…

Sip on a Refreshing Weissbier

Why not step away from your usual lager and try something new this year? Order a case of this German favourite, wheat beer. Consisting of 50 percent wheat balanced out with barley, this makes a refreshing change from your average drink.

Try the hoppy and bitter bottles from Erdinger, or go for a slightly sweet style from Löwenbräu – these hearty brews are Bavarian through and through.

Mix it up at Home

Does everyone in your household have differing tastes? That shouldn’t stop you all enjoying a pint together. You can pick up a mixed pack to share between you, which is full of a range of flavours, or opt for a tasting kit if you’re new to these Bavarian brews.

Choose the Oktoberfest 2020 Limited Edition Mixed Case with Glass Stein and you’ll get eight different bottles delivered to your door, along with an official branded stein! This way, you can try out a variety of the original styles and breweries, while ensuring there’s something for everybody at the same time.

Your Turn…

So, go ahead and browse our selection of fantastic Oktoberfest offerings and order now, just in time to start the party.

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