How to Stein at Home: Recreating the Oktoberfest Atmosphere at Home

Although this year’s event is cancelled, we thought we’d encourage our customers to #steinathome, by helping you throw a (socially-distanced) Oktoberfest-themed party.

What will you need for this celebration of steins? Well, while this fantastic festival is famous for its brilliant beers, it’s also known for its incredible atmosphere. So, if you’re going to host your own Bavarian bash, you’ll have to recreate it for yourself!

Want to find out how? No problem; here’s everything you should know about making your home look, sound and feel like Oktoberfest.

Choose the Right Music

A party isn’t quite complete without a proper playlist, and Oktoberfest is no different. Music really is a central part of this Volksfest. So, picking the right tunes is crucial when remaking that unmistakable Bavarian atmosphere. 

If you’re hoping to give your celebration an authentic sound, you might want to leave out the rock and pop hits on this occasion. While there are a wide variety of live performances across the festival, it’s German folk and Oompah bands that form the traditional soundtrack.

You’ll discover oodles of tracks on Spotify and YouTube Music by searching for “Oktoberfest music”. Just select one of the countless playlists, then link your phone to your speakers. You’ll be dancing like you’re in Munich in no time!

Dazzling Decorations

If you want your festivities to be the spitting image of the official Oktoberfest, it’ll have to look like it. Luckily, there is a bunch of stuff you can do to match the real thing!

The key is to drape your walls in chequered blue and white bunting, German flags and colourful streamers. Don’t disregard the tableware, either! Pick up some paper plates and cups which fit in with the colour scheme and dress your tables in matching covers.

These decorations are pretty easy to come across, too. In fact, they’re available from most online party shops, making it simple for you to transform your house.

Perfect Your Apparel

The finishing touch to all of this? You! Almost everyone who attends the festivities wears lederhosen or dirndl. To recreate the true atmosphere, the final piece of the puzzle is your attire. Don’t hesitate to get that dress code nailed; dressing up is great fun and ties everything together!

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