January Beer of the Month

The Christmas period has passed, it’s a brand new year and there’s no doubt that we’re all looking to treat ourselves in 2021. So, how can we achieve this? Pudding. More specifically, cake.

Think rich chocolate, think yummy marshmallows, think… heaven. We’re sure that your mouth is watering already. That’s why for our January Beer of the Month, we’ve chosen none other than BrewDog’s Layer Cake. This sumptuous stout is not only sweet but truly indulgent, too.

Pour out a glass of this smooth-bodied beer; it’s infused with decadent flavours and has the inviting aromas to match. Plus, it offers a delightful, malty base. The well-known Scottish brewers label this creation simply as “a dessert in a can”. What could be better? 

If you like the sound of these confectionary-style cans, order yourself a pack of 12, now. While you’re at it, browse our entire range of beverages, including our favourites for Dry January, today.

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