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Which Beer Advent Calendar Should I Buy?

December is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to pick an advent calendar. There are oodles to choose from, but which should you go for? Well, for us hop heads, there is nothing more thrilling than having a different can to crack open every day. With this in mind, why not opt for a beer advent calendar?

Here at Beerhunter, we’ve curated our very own collection of colourful calendars, letting you kick off the countdown to Christmas in style. They all feature a glass and a bottle opener, too – how exciting is that?

Choosing the best calendar can be a little difficult because there are so many options available! Don’t worry though; this handy guide will help you select the right one.

For those on a gluten-free diet…

There’s no reason why you can’t celebrate the festive season just because you’re sticking to a coeliac-friendly diet. Our gluten-free advent calendar is packed with 24 tasty tipples. So, you’ll be able to indulge in a platter of fragrant flavours throughout the month, without drinking a drop of barley. Perfect!

Get ready to relish some delicious drinks, there’s certainly plenty to enjoy when it comes to this terrific treat.

For those who love trying new things…

If you’re the sort of drinker who loves discovering original, varied beers, you’re going to adore our World Craft Beer Advent Calendar. You’ll get to savour a selection of brilliant beverages from around the globe, including unique sour beer as well as wonderful weissbier.

This really is a great choice if you’re wanting to try a full spectrum of styles. You’ll get to taste the finest ales from Europe and beyond, learning a bit about their culture along the way.

For those looking to keep it local…

The craft beer scene in Britain is pretty amazing nowadays, isn’t it? There are innovative breweries to be found across the nation, producing a sublime variety of IPAs, lagers and more.

Our British Craft Beer Advent Calendar is a tremendous tribute to these brewers, and it’s ideal for anyone wanting to sample the top ales the country has to offer. You’re bound to find something which hits the spot, plus, you’ll be supporting British beer makers in the process. What’s not to like?

For the post-modern punks… 

We know that BrewDog’s creative cans are a firm favourite amongst our loyal customers, and what would our range be without featuring them? From all of the classic bottles to a few seasonal wildcards, our BrewDog Craft Beer Advent Calendar will be right up your street if you’re a big fan of this brand’s beverages.

Each beer has been hand-picked for inclusion; trust us, you won’t be disappointed with what you uncover. You’ll even get a branded glass to slurp them from!

Order your calendar, today, while stocks last!

How to Stein at Home: A Gluten-Free Oktoberfest

Endless steins of malt-filled beer and plenty of floury, bread-based treats to munch on; that’s a pretty typical picture of Munich’s major yearly celebration. While it’s not ideal for anyone with a gluten intolerance or coeliac disease, there’s no reason why you still can’t enjoy the festivities this year.

Of course, 2020 has come with a few surprises, causing the famous festival to be cancelled. Don’t be downhearted, though, as all this means is that you can organise your very own socially-distanced Oktoberfest that’s gluten-free and perfect for you!

Carry on reading to find out our tips for picking the right products this party season.

Beers to Suit You

Unfortunately, only beer that’s in keeping with the Reinheitsgebot is served at the annual Bavarian bash. The only ingredients that can be used in the production of these drinks are water, barley and hops. Yep, that means all the brews sold there will have gluten in.

When you stein-at-home, though (see what we did there?), you don’t have to follow this classic tradition. Whether you’re after a glass of ale, IPA or lager, you can glug back whatever you’d like, thanks to the large range of gluten-free beers available online!

Go for one of the creative cans from Nene Valley Brewery, or if you’d prefer, you can even order a mini keg of ale. However, if you do want to stick to German styles, you can, by trying Green’s take on a wheat beer.

Or, why not opt for a beverage that’s a bit different to the Volksfest classics? Maybe a glass of  Galipette Brut cider will help to quench your thirst? There really is no shortage of options to choose from.

Free-From Food

Just because you’re staying away from gluten, doesn’t mean you can’t relish a few traditional German meals. Nowadays, there’s a superb selection of ‘free-from’ food in the supermarkets, so you can pick up your favourite choices for your special spread.

Grab a pack of gluten-free sausages to pair with homemade sauerkraut, or whip up some Obatzda as a dip for your go-to bread option.

If you simply don’t fancy all the fuss of making a meal, we know a snack or two that tastes great when washed down with a cool pint. Savour a handful of sugar-coated nuts or chocolate-covered fruit, just like those they sell from the stands at the festival.

Get Cracking

Sick of hunting the shelves for drinks that those with coeliac disease can enjoy? No problem. Now, you can receive a quick delivery of the top gluten-free bottles directly to your door. For your Oktoberfest celebration, get your hands on a mixed case, which features a huge variety of styles and brands.

For extra information on how to arrange your own Oktoberfest at home, read more of our helpful blogs and share them with your friends and family. Plus, follow us on social media to hear all the latest news from Beerhunter!

The Nation’s Favourite German Beer

German Beer, Oktoberfest

Here at Beerhunter HQ, we’ve been watching various German delights fly off the shelves throughout the Oktoberfest season. In fact, seeing all those different varieties of beautiful brews got us thinking: which of these is our country’s favourite?

To find out, we decided the best people to ask would be our loyal customers, because who knows more about beer than hop heads themselves?

So, we did exactly that. We asked you what your preferred type of German beer was to help us crown the UK’s undisputed champion, and the results are in. 

The Runners Up…


Helles is a truly classic German beer, isn’t it? Translating to “light” in English, this pale lager’s inviting, golden colour makes it a real thing of beauty. It is a full-bodied beverage, with a perfect balance of sweet malts and spicy hops, making it particularly refreshing on a hot day.

It is primarily produced in Munich, with many of its breweries producing a version of this tasty tipple. Staatliches Hofbräuhaus München, Augustiner-Bräu and Löwenbräu each offer their own take on this splendid style, all of which are worth trying if you’re a lager lover.

Wheat Beer

Another drink with its roots set firmly in Bavaria is wheat beer and one that dates all the way back to 800 B.C. It’s no surprise then that the locals have thoroughly perfected this style over the decades! This top-fermented delight is brewed with 50% wheat to barley malt (as the name suggests) and often has a fruity zest to it.

There are a few variations of it available, including the “Weissbier”. However, if you’re craving a brew that really tastes like the famous celebration, try a bottle of ERDINGER Oktoberfest


No beverage is quite as synonymous with Oktoberfest than Festbier; this style is served at the festival itself. Only breweries based in Munich can call their creations “Festbiers”, so you know you’re sipping an authentic Bavarian tipple when enjoying a stein of this stuff.

It is defined by its sweet, malty taste and smooth feel, pairing perfectly with a bratwurst. Fancy a bottle? ABK’s limited-edition drink is a good place to start.

…and the winner is, *Drum roll, please*:


It’s official! The votes are in and we’ve crowned the pilsner as the UK’s favourite German beer. 

Any of these classics would’ve been worthy winners, but what sets this one apart from the crowd? Maybe it’s the delicious bitterness of its hops? Or, its robust flavour? Our taste buds are tingling just thinking about it! 

If you’re after a glug, take a look at our complete range of pilsners, now.

That’s All Folks!

Now that we’ve announced our most treasured type of German beer, we should celebrate with a stein or two, right? You can get all of the top styles from us by ordering online, (there are even some mixed cases for those of you who want to sample them all)!

Check out our blog for more Oktoberfest content. Don’t forget to share this with your friends, too, and be sure to follow us on all of your socials. Prost!

How to Stein at Home: Oktoberfest for Teetotallers

Beer pong, Oktoberfest at home for teetotallers

We know that lots of our lager-loving customers are a bit gutted that Oktoberfest 2020 is cancelled. However, throwing your own version of this event could be a blessing in disguise if you’re teetotal. After all, you can ogle at a huge range of “near beers” available online and order them straight to your door.

Read on to discover our favourite low and zero ABV German beverages, so you can celebrate this popular Volksfest at home with some mighty fine drinks!

Same-Tasting Steins

Nowadays, there’s no need to miss out on the hoppy goodness of a perfect pint, as alcohol-free options are getting better and better! You can glug back a glass and it’ll taste just like the original – yay.

German breweries have led the way for no and low-alcohol beverages that truly match up to the real deal. This country has a large population of ale aficionados, meaning they know a thing or two about creating great-tasting alternatives! Try an ERDINGER Alkoholfrei, for a modern take on a traditional type of wheat beer.

A Selection of Styles

Only certain kinds of brews are served at Oktoberfest (it’s certainly exclusive). So, as we’re celebrating at home this year, use this time to explore the whole range of styles that Germany has to offer. Yep, you can still do that while steering clear of the sauce!

There’s a huge selection to choose from, like the Bitburger Drive 0.0% Alkoholfreies Pils. If you prefer a pale ale, opt for a glass of BRLO Naked. Perhaps you fancy something a little sweeter? Grab a juicy can of Schöfferhofer Grapefruit, the 2.5% ABV means you won’t need to worry about overdoing it. 

Party Together

Maybe you and your family are teetotal, or you simply want to enjoy a socially distanced Bavarian bash after work? Well, when you crack open some non-alcoholic bottles between the lot of you, you’ll have a brilliant night but also wake up with crystal clear heads the next day!

Take a peek at our Alcohol-Free Mixed Beer Case, which features a fantastic mix of German and international brands for you to slurp. It’s even easier to order drinks that everyone will love, thanks to the wide variety included in each pack. 

Find Out More Info

Now that you’re all clued up on how to put together an alcohol-free fest in 2020, it’s time to share this knowledge with your teetotal mates and start the party! 

For more top Oktoberfest-related tips and content, get reading our other engaging blog posts on how to #steinathome. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well, for daily and weekly updates.

How to Stein at Home: Hosting a Virtual Oktoberfest

Sadly, Oktoberfest isn’t going ahead in Munich this year. Believe us, we’re as tearful as you are! Thankfully, we live in the digital age, so if we can’t visit the festival we’ve all been waiting for, we can recreate it instead. What a plan! 

We’ve thought of some great ways to share the love and continue the festivities. Check out our helpful tips on how to reinvent this iconic celebration from the comfort of your living room.

Make sure your laptops, tablets or phones are fully charged because trust us, you do not want to miss out. PROST!

Let the Games Begin…

Of course, this Volksfest famously celebrates brilliant Bavarian beers and tasty food, but it’s loved for the thriving community feel that it creates. This brew-tastic gathering just wouldn’t be the same without experiencing it with your chums. So, to host your own event, ensure you set a date, choose a cracking video app and get the drinks in for the occasion. 

We’d recommend planning a virtual “pub crawl”, where you and your mates can hop between each Munich hotspot together. Organise a handful of authentic games, too, such as a yodelling competition or a stein race (carrying as many bottles as possible, rather than glasses)!


If you’re hosting this bodacious bonanza, you need to free up your schedule to craft an event your pals will never forget! 

Send your meeting link or video call invite to your ale-aficionados nice and early, either on WhatsApp or by text, so that they can easily jump in when the day arrives.  

Set the Scene 

Zoom and countless other video apps are designed with your virtual dreams in mind, providing jazzy backgrounds to add to your call. 

Whether you’re after an image of crazy crowds behind you or are organising a “pub crawl”, you’ll feel as though you’re at your desired locations by choosing wild backdrops to fit in with your festivities – perfect! 

Beers at the Ready

No Oktoberfest bash is complete without fabulous friends to share it with, as well as a mighty selection of hops to slurp down.

We don’t mean to brag, but Beerhunter has an awesome collection of themed beverage bundles for you to enjoy, helping you #steinathome with traditional pints (and glasses, too). Order the goods in advance and virtually “cheers” to your own version of this fine festival! 

What are you waiting for? Change into your lederhosen and let the fun commence!

Stay Safe!

You may be socialising at home, but you still must drink and think responsibly. Remember to have a glass of water to stay hydrated in between beers and never, under any circumstances, drink and drive. 

Uncover Even More Info

Scan the oodles of blog posts we’ve written for other excellent reads on how to #steinathome this month.

Plus, don’t forget to follow our social media channels! You can interact with fellow party-goers, win exciting prizes and keep up-to-date on the buzz associated with this charming celebration. Or, simply shop our range of Oktoberfest brews, now.

How to Stein at Home: Recreating the Oktoberfest Atmosphere at Home

Although this year’s event is cancelled, we thought we’d encourage our customers to #steinathome, by helping you throw a (socially-distanced) Oktoberfest-themed party.

What will you need for this celebration of steins? Well, while this fantastic festival is famous for its brilliant beers, it’s also known for its incredible atmosphere. So, if you’re going to host your own Bavarian bash, you’ll have to recreate it for yourself!

Want to find out how? No problem; here’s everything you should know about making your home look, sound and feel like Oktoberfest.

Choose the Right Music

A party isn’t quite complete without a proper playlist, and Oktoberfest is no different. Music really is a central part of this Volksfest. So, picking the right tunes is crucial when remaking that unmistakable Bavarian atmosphere. 

If you’re hoping to give your celebration an authentic sound, you might want to leave out the rock and pop hits on this occasion. While there are a wide variety of live performances across the festival, it’s German folk and Oompah bands that form the traditional soundtrack.

You’ll discover oodles of tracks on Spotify and YouTube Music by searching for “Oktoberfest music”. Just select one of the countless playlists, then link your phone to your speakers. You’ll be dancing like you’re in Munich in no time!

Dazzling Decorations

If you want your festivities to be the spitting image of the official Oktoberfest, it’ll have to look like it. Luckily, there is a bunch of stuff you can do to match the real thing!

The key is to drape your walls in chequered blue and white bunting, German flags and colourful streamers. Don’t disregard the tableware, either! Pick up some paper plates and cups which fit in with the colour scheme and dress your tables in matching covers.

These decorations are pretty easy to come across, too. In fact, they’re available from most online party shops, making it simple for you to transform your house.

Perfect Your Apparel

The finishing touch to all of this? You! Almost everyone who attends the festivities wears lederhosen or dirndl. To recreate the true atmosphere, the final piece of the puzzle is your attire. Don’t hesitate to get that dress code nailed; dressing up is great fun and ties everything together!

Find Out More…

Fancy uncovering more info on how to host an Oktoberfest event? Check our other #steinathome blogs for extra tips and tricks on bringing the magic of Munich to your front room. If you like what you’ve read, don’t forget to share this post with your pals, too!

PS, follow our socials to stay up-to-date on our latest news and grab a few Festbiers, today.

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