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If you’re looking for a velvety, pilsner-style pale lager, grab a bottle of Jupiler beer; it’s light in colour and ever-so refreshing! Originally created in 1966, this tasty tipple was named after the area that it’s still brewed in today, Jupille.

Is Jupiler a Good Beer?

This bold beverage has a fantastic reputation; it’s actually a best-seller in Belgium, and this country certainly knows a thing or two about beer! It’s produced to perfection at Piedboeuf Brewery and holds high-quality hops in every bottle.

Is Jupiler Available in the UK?

Yup, you can pick up a pack of Jupiler Belgian Pils from us, today. This versatile, easy-drinking delight can be guzzled down with any meal, and is sure to please both lager lovers and ale aficionados. Even your mates who are new to the beer world will enjoy sipping a glass of this prime pint.

This popular Belgian beer also makes an appearance in a few of our mixed sets. So, you can get a case of this brilliant Belgian brew in a whole load of different ways. Why wait? Order yours, now!