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Sometimes you just fancy a brew that’s crisp and refreshing. Such a situation calls for a pint of pale lager. This lighter variation of the UK’s favourite beer style is a tremendous choice if you’re craving something simple and clean-tasting.

It made its way into the world in the middle of the 19th century, when a young brewer called Gabriel Sedlmayr went on a journey around Europe. During his travels, he learnt all about pale ale brewing techniques. When he arrived back home in Germany, he applied these methods to the existing approach for making lager. A few years later, the pale lager was born!

What Beers Are Pale Lagers?

There are plenty of fantastic pale lagers on the market. So, if this sounds like your type of tipple, a great starting point is the excellent Estrella Damm. Produced over in sunny Spain, this brilliant beverage is made using locally grown barley, and rice sourced from the Ebro Delta. As a result, each bottle comes packed with a tantalising taste and a spicy aroma.

Or, grab a thirst-quenching can of Pabst Blue Ribbon; this delicious American lager delivers complete refreshment. Its bright amber colour and intricate complexion of delicate hops have made it a firm favourite in the US. In fact, they’ve been sipping it since the 1800s! Yup, a pint of this stuff is sure to put a smile on your face.

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