Boon Kriek Lambic Fruit Beer 375ml Bottles – 4.0% ABV

For this speciality, Boon use old and young lambic beer that has aged in oak casks. When the lambic is 6 months old, they add 25% black cherries. The cherries and young lambic create a red beer that is both natural and fresh, with an absolutely unforgettable sweet and sour taste. This is kriek as it should be, with nothing but real cherries and lambic.

BREWERY: Brouwerij Boon

COUNTRY: Belgium

STYLES: Fruit Beer (Cherry)

ABV: 4.0%

SIZE: 375ml Bottle

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Boon Kriek Lambic Fruit Beer 375ml Bottles – 4.0% ABV

Oude Geuze is what started it all. Based on the lambic style, and synonymous with Brussels brewing, it was a beer that a 21 year-old Frank Boon loved. So much so, that when Oude Geuze started to fall out of favour, he was determined to keep it alive. He bought Rene De Vits’ geuze in 1978, acquiring the building, an arsenal of oak lambic barrels and a whole lot of dust and cobwebs.

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