Boon Oude Geuze (12x 375ml Bottles)

Oude Geuze Boon, made since 1975, offers a gently fresh and complex taste. Crafted from a blend of 1, 2, and 3-year-old Lambic beers, it matures in oak barrels and undergoes bottle fermentation, resulting in a delightful sparkle and mild tartness. Enjoy its fruity aroma with citrus and apricot hints, complemented by wood, vanilla, and nutty notes, ending with a long, dry, and intense finish.

Style: Lambic

Brewery: Boon

Country: Belgium

ABV: 7%

Pack Size: 12x 375ml Bottles


Established in the early ’70s, the Boon Brewery revived the fading Geuze tradition, becoming a beacon of expertise in Lambic brewing and Geuze blending. Passed down through generations, this mastery now resides with founder Frank Boon’s sons, Jos and Karel, ensuring the brewery’s enduring legacy. Post-Frank’s retirement in 2021, Jos and Karel harmonise tradition with modern techniques, driving the brewery’s evolution and sustained growth.

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