Brasserie Dupont “Monk’s Stout” Belgium Stout Beer 330ml Bottles – 5.20% ABV (12 Pack)


  CASE CONTAINS: 12 Beers BREWERY: Brasserie Dupont COUNTRY: Belgium STYLE: Stout ABV: 5.20%

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Brasserie Dupont, located in Tourpes, Belgium, has a rich brewing history dating back to 1759, with a significant presence in the Belgian beer landscape. The brewery is known for its traditional brewing methods and a diverse range of beers. The Monk’s Stout Dupont, a revival of a recipe from the 1950s, is a unique Belgian Stout. It presents a complex aroma with notes of cherry, raisin, plum, and a hint of funk. The flavour profile includes a blend of plum, cherry, and heavy roast, with herbal and effervescent qualities. This stout is characterised by its dry, bitter taste, and the use of roasted malts imparts distinct coffee and chocolate flavours.

This stout is ideal for those who appreciate a unique, yeast-driven beer with a mix of fruity and yeasty characteristics. Monk’s Stout stands out with its interesting blend of sour and stout styles, and its unexpected aroma and flavor combinations make it a unique choice in the stout category.

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