BRIXTON BREWERY Reliance Pale Ale 330ML CANS – 4.2% ABV (12 Pack)


This Pale Ale raises a glass to the art deco arches of Reliance Arcade where local cobblers and tailors still practice their crafts with skill and precision. Premium English Maris Otter Barley provides the clean, crisp backdrop to bright hop flavours. Reliance proves again that if you want the real deal, you have to make it by hand.

BREWERY: Brixton Brewery


STYLES: Pale Ale

ABV: 4.2%

SIZE: 330ml Cans

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BRIXTON BREWERY Reliance Pale Ale 330ML CANS – 4.2% ABV

Brixton Brewery is one of London’s established craft breweries, making beer in the heart of one of London’s most colourful and famous neighbourhoods.

Their beer is hand crafted in small batches, drawing on traditional techniques, flavours and ingredients, with a dash of bold New World flair for distinctiveness. Brixton Brewery look to America and Europe for inspiration but they’re rooted in their very British appreciation of ale.

These Brixton Beers are collectively packed in a sturdy and safe Beer Hunter branded box ready for delivery.

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