Camden Town Hells Lager 30Ltr SS Keg – 4.6% ABV


The one that started it all for Camden Town Brewery: The Hells Lager. Notes of lemon, orange and some spicy herbs are complemented by sweet caramel and biscuity notes from the malts. Finishing crisp, dry and clean, this hybrid between a Pilsner and a Helles lager is nicely balanced and straightforward. So what the Hells are you waiting for? Crack one open!

BREWERY: Camden Town Brewery



ABV: 4.6%

SIZE: 30Ltr Keg

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Camden Town Hells Lager 330ml Cans – 4.6% ABV
Lager has a bad reputation but everyone drinks it. Just like those bands that everyone listens to but would never dare admit. At Camden Town, they love lager. Love. It. From the grain to the yeast, the hops and the process itself, every element of their beer is monitored by passionate professionals. Certain grains work best with certain hops. Temperatures one day might need to be adjusted from those the previous day. The hops they are using this week might ever so slightly differ to those they used last week. And so on.

Unless bought alongside our BeerHunter BeerTap or an alternative dispensing system, this keg will need a party pump to be dispensed.

A party pump will allow you to serve beer from the keg directly. However, if dispensed this way the beer will go flat if not finished within 12 hours. Party Pumps can be bought from the below suppliers:


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