Erdinger Pikantus Strong German Wheat Beer 500ml Bottles with Glass – 7.3% ABV (4 Pack)


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  • 4 x Erdinger Pikantus 500ml Bottles – 7.3% ABV
  • 1 x Erdinger Pint Glass

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Erdinger Weissbräu, located in the heart of Bavaria. It is the worlds biggest wheat beer brewery where traditional recipes and modern technology combine to provide ‘the ultimate in wheat beer enjoyment’.

Privatbrauerei Erdinger has been brewing their Bavarian wheat beers for over 100 years. Beers like this classic Hefe Weissbier have attributed to their international success. To this day, the largest wheat beer brewery in the world.

The well-rounded body and rich malt flavour of the Pikantus that develops on the palate includes notes of plum and dark chocolate, as well as a hint of liquorice. Sparkling carbonic acid sets a refreshing counterpoint.

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