GREEN’s Gluten Free Hefe Weissbier 330ml Bottles – 5.5% ABV (12 Pack)


A traditional bottle re-fermented wheat beer, Hefe Weissbier is naturally cloudy with a strong head of foam. Serve chilled. Golden-yellow wheat beer in colour, with undertones of clove and orange zest.


COUNTRY: Belgium

STYLES: Wheat Beer

ABV: 5.5%

SIZE: 330ml Bottles

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GREEN’s Gluten Free Hefe Weissbier 330ml Bottles – 5.5% ABV
In 1988 Derek Green had a problem. He had to avoid the gluten in barley and wheat, and at that time in the UK- indeed Europe – there was no gluten free beer available. A miserable life without beer lay ahead. The breakthrough came in 2003 when he met an eminent Belgian professor of brewing whom by coincidence had a daughter who also needed to avoid gluten, and there began a relationship with the mutual goal of brewing a beer made from alternative grains to barley, one that would be naturally gluten and wheat free. After numerous trials, in May 2004 Green’s launched the UK’s first ever Alternative Grain and naturally gluten free beer; named not surprisingly ‘Discovery’.

This GREEN’s Beer is collectively packed in a sturdy and safe Beer Hunter branded box ready for delivery.

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