Hofmeister German Ultra Low Bavarian Beer 330ml Bottles – 0.5% ABV (12 Pack)



An authentic, award-winning Bavarian lager that’s slow brewed for longer with mineral water, local barley and Hallertau Hops. Hofmeister Helles is crisp and refreshing with a snappy finish – exactly the beer you crave after a long day.

PACK SIZE: 12 Beers

BREWERY: Hofmeister

COUNTRY: Germany

STYLE: Lager Helles

ABV: 5.0%


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Like all great Helles, Hofmeister’s Ultra Low 0.5% version won’t disappoint.

A crisp and refreshing lager, it’s got all the taste of an authentic Helles but without the alcohol and only 63 kcal per bottle. Handcrafted Ultra Low in heart of Bavaria according to ancient German purity laws for a classic and full-bodied taste that’s won multiple awards including Gold at the 2023 Beer Masters, the 2021 International Brewing Awards and the 2023 London Beer Competition.

With only local ingredients – mineral water, locally sourced barley and hops from the famous Hallertau region, there’s lots of sweet grain, fresh grassy hops and bready notes as well as plenty of body and a good crisp finish – so refreshing and drinkable.

This Hofmiester beer is collectively packed in a sturdy and safe Beer Hunter branded box ready for delivery.

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