Straffe Hendrik Abbey Quadrupel Belgian Quadrupel 330ml Bottles – 11.00% ABV (12 Pack)




BREWERY: Straffe Hendrik

COUNTRY: Belgium

STYLE: Quadrupel

ABV: 11.00%

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The Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel is crafted by Brouwerij De Halve Maan, a historic family-owned brewery situated in the heart of Bruges, Belgium. This brewery, with a legacy dating back to 1856, is notable for being the oldest in Bruges and is renowned for its range of strong degustation beers. The Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel, first introduced in 2010, is distinguished as the first Belgian Quadrupel ever made. It’s an intensely dark, full-bodied beer with a complex character. Brewed with a refined blend of special malts, it offers flavors of coriander, dark fruit, anise, and roasted chestnuts, culminating in a slightly treacly aftertaste. This rich beer is ideal for those who enjoy robust flavors, pairing exceptionally well with strong dishes like red meat and game. It also complements chocolate desserts beautifully, making it a versatile choice for a variety of culinary experiences.

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