Raising a Glass to Animal Welfare: How your Pints can Protect Precious Paws

At Beerhunter, we know that a wholesome brew deserves a proper beer glass to go with it. The experience simply isn’t the same without a cool chalice to enjoy your chosen tipple from, is it? 

Whether you’re drinking an awesome ale, a sweet cider or a punchy pilsner, you’ll always want something classy to slurp your beloved beverages from – such as our stylish schooner!

In fact, last weekend the legendary celeb, Ricky Gervais, took a sip from one of our gracious glasses, describing it as: “a bit retro and a bit Game-of-Thronesy.” The iconic comedian said: “it could be like a goblet but it’s also nice and ‘70s, lovely simple pleasures.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, Ricky!

Hear it from the man himself on his broadcasted Twitter video:

After listening to Ricky’s kind words, we’ve decided to do a kind thing, too…

For every Beerhunter Official Schooner Glass we sell, we will donate one pound to some of the charities closest to our and Mr Gervais’ heart. Yep, that’s 25p each to four phenomenal institutions whenever you buy our joyous jug. Not only will you gain something special to drink from, but you’ll give a boost in funds to the animals who need it, too – everyone’s a winner!

We bet you’re itching to find out which charities we’ll be donating to. Well, as Ricky is such a keen animal lover, you won’t be surprised to hear that we’re supporting the organisations who look after our furry friends:


Paws2Rescue is a UK charity backed by Mr Gervais himself, fighting to end the mistreatment of millions of stray dogs in Romania. They could do with all the aid they can get to win their titanic battle and we’re more than happy to offer our support.

Pup Aid 

Pup Aid is taking a stand against puppy farming and raises awareness about the right way to meet a playful hound to take home with you. Their team educates prospective pooch-owners on the joys of adopting rescue dogs, as well as how to spot a responsible breeder. How? By running a series of dog shows. Isn’t that amazing?

Celia Hammond Animal Trust

The Celia Hammond Animal Trust operates across London and the South East area. This incredible institute has several aims and objectives which feed into a single, central goal: to help homeless, abandoned and unwanted animals. Their stringent, non-destruction policy means that each purring pet is given the best chance to fully recover and relish a rich, full life.


Last, but not least is Bleakholt. This company provides a sanctuary for animals out of a home, giving over 1300 caring chums a place to live per year. Cats, dogs and our smaller companions (including rabbits) have somewhere safe to stay at this supportive shelter. There’s even a set of stables and a farm for those that require extra space!

Don’t wait a minute more. Order your Beerhunter Official Schooner Glass, today, and join us in raising a glass to animal welfare. 

By doing your bit to assist these worthy causes, you’ll have a cherished chalice ready for whenever you fancy a pint. Perfect!