The Best Beer Storage Tips

Ever reached for a beer to find the flavour isn’t up to scratch? You could be storing it incorrectly. In this article, we’ve listed our best beer storage tips for you to try! So, if you want to learn how to keep your brews in great condition (and tasting fresh), then read on. 

Think About Its Temperature

We all have the urge to chuck our beers in the fridge and come back to refreshing, chilled beverages. However, this might not be the ideal place for them to sit. Depending on the style, a cold brew can sometimes mask its true taste.

Many lagers, pilsners and other similar tipples are top-notch when slightly cold, yet some ales and IPAs should be drunk at room temperature (or close to it). For this reason, look up what each manufacturer recommends beforehand.

What’s the worst thing you could do? Simple – keep your bottles at too high of a temperature! It’s important to find that sweet spot to make sure your beers stay in supreme condition for longer.

Consider Their Position

Unlike wine, which is usually propped up in a rack, attempt to store your brews upright. This lets any yeast remaining in the bottles settle at the bottom and prevents it from hanging around in your drink. 

Leftover sediment can affect the flavour of your pint, as well as giving it a pretty unappealing look. Although, it won’t be the end of the world if you do lay your beers on their side for a short amount of time.

Be Wary of Light Conditions

One of the reasons why the fridge is a fond friend of our six-packs is because it blocks out light. 

If your ales are over-exposed to natural light, it can cause a funky, foul flavour to form. Luckily, the coloured glass of most beer bottles works to combat this. Brown-tinted bottles are the most effective, but green ones do the job well, too. 

If you’re keen to avoid this problem altogether, buy yourself a case of cans instead. Natural light can’t penetrate the aluminium, meaning your brews will be safe from the sun – hooray!

Check the Best Before Date

Many drinkers are unaware of the long-lasting life of some hops. We’d recommend choosing any with active yeast left in the bottle; this ensures they don’t go off as quickly. Plus, they get even better with age!

You can find these kinds of tipples among certain styles, including a stout or lambic, just double-check the label to be on the safe side. Why not purchase a box and try this trick for yourself? Be sure to store them properly using our guidance, before cracking one open a year or so later.

Order a Tasty Case, Today

Now you have a whole bunch of knowledge on how to store your beer correctly, you’re all set. Order a pack from our extensive selection, today, knowing that it will taste exactly the way it was intended to

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