Seven Bro7hers Honeycomb is a strong honeycomb taste to this ale ensures it tastes just like a Crunchie will keep you coming back for more.

The Best Beers to Drink with Chocolate this Easter

Easter is coming up, and that only means one thing to most of us in Britain: chocolate. So, it goes without saying that here at Beerhunter, it means chocolate beer. We know what you’re thinking, but trust us.

Since this tasty, rich and sweet treat is so delicious on its own, it needs a certain kind of beer to meet its match. That’s why we’ve rounded up five brews that pair deliciously with a Dairy Milk, as well as some that are the perfect alternative to an Easter egg.

BrewDog Layer Cake

This sublime stout is truly indulgent. It’s infused with flavours of chocolate nibs, brownie and marshmallow. If you haven’t got an Easter egg of your own to tuck into, one of these will do the trick instead. Dive into this ‘dessert in a can’, which boasts a smooth body and a malty base. Yum!

Seven Bro7hers Honeycomb Pale Ale 

If your favourite chocolate bar (and go-to easter egg) is a Crunchie, that’s probably because you’re crazy about honeycomb. In that case, you need to try this beverage, too. It’s a golden pale ale with a delectable toffee taste. Pour out a glass to detect the notes of orange and heavenly honey as you savour each sip!

Budvar Tmavý

For all of the lager-lovers out there who simply can’t drink any other style, this one’s for you. Using roasted malts, these Czech brewers have created a high-quality beer with notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Although this is a dark lager, it’s still just as refreshing and drinkable as its pale sibling. What a win!

Hobgoblin Ruby

Produced by Wychwood Brewery, this ruby beer provides a great balance of sweetness and bitterness. The chocolate malts, caramel aroma and fruity finish all compliment each other beautifully in the bottle. With flavours of figs and dates, it’s a great choice for anyone who adores fruit-filled confectionary! Grab a pack and enjoy.

Green’s Gutsy Dark Ale

You’ll definitely pick up on the chocolate flavours in this bottle, making it ideally suited to Easter time. It’s a great drink for a cooler evening since this re-fermented ale is rich and warming. Relish the sour cherry and burnt sugar tastes, as well as the complex mouthfeel. Plus, thanks to today’s brewing technology, it’s also gluten-free!

If this post has convinced you to indulge in a brew alongside your chocolate treat this Easter, then you can shop all of the beers we’ve mentioned by following the links. Or, browse our site’s collections of mixed cases and craft beers to find your favoured pack, now.

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