The Best Beers to Enjoy with a Father’s Day Family Meal

We all know that a man’s heart is in his stomach. So, one of the best ways to treat your dad on June the 20th is by whipping up a family meal for him to tuck into. 

With that in mind, we’ve selected some of the finest Father’s Day beers that can go along with your cooking. Just read on to find out more…

Black Sheep Ale

Since Father’s Day always lands on a Sunday, many families will be preparing a hearty roast dinner to celebrate dad. 

Luckily, Black Sheep Ale has a warming touch and a full-bodied feel which pairs perfectly with the red meat on your roast. Its Golding hops create a fruity flavour to accompany the dry, bitter finish – result!

If your pop is into real ales, you could opt for a multi-pack – like this Hobgoblin gift set, and sit it on the table. He can then try three different tipples while he chows down on some tasty grub, using his new, branded Beerhunter glass.

Vedett Extra Blond

If you’ve invited your extended family round to join the feast, there’s bound to be a picky person among you. Not to worry; Vedett Extra Blond is the ideal solution. It’s a versatile all-rounder that will suit everyone’s tastes.

This lager is a light and refreshing Belgian beer that will be loved by even the fussiest of drinkers. It has a slightly fruity yet wonderfully hoppy flavour, so the whole gang can enjoy a drink with dad this year.

Beavertown Brewery Gamma Ray

This year, you might be planning on simply chilling out and ordering a takeaway to munch on together. In that case, you need a brew that will pair well with whatever you decide to eat. Beavertown Brewery’s Gamma Ray is ideal. It’s an easy-to-drink American pale ale that provides a juicy, tropical taste with plenty of fruity aromas – yum.

If this sounds right up your old man’s street, why not grab this gift set for him, too? It contains even more of the brewer’s wacky creations, alongside a funky pint glass that he won’t want to put down!

Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects

Now, for those of us whose dads are tee-total, that would usually mean drinks are completely off the cards. However, you can just pick up a case of low-alcohol beer, like Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects. 

Each bottle is packed with the taste of a true brew, without the ABV. This hoppy amber drink produces zesty, grapefruit aromas followed by a bitter finish. Its clean and fresh flavour makes it great for a light Sunday lunch.

Get Ahead This Year

Sort out your dad’s beer delivery early this year instead of leaving it until the last minute. You can add the finishing touch to your family meal before you’ve even made a start on cooking it!

If none of these options has caught your eye, search for other cracking cans in our dedicated Father’s Day collection.

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