The Best Craft Beer Names Out There

We should always give good names to the things we love – including beer. Luckily, there’s an almost endless array of weird, wonderful and funny craft beer names on the market. In fact, there are so many that we’ve decided to round up some of our favourites!

ShinDigger Mango Unchained

The greatest names are those which give a good description of the item in question, while also being catchy and easy to remember. That’s why ShinDigger’s Mango Unchained is up there with the best of them.

This is probably the finest name out there for a mango-flavoured session IPA, thanks to its clever play on Tarantino’s 2012 blockbuster “Django Unchained”. Yep, it’s fair to say that the Mancunian brewers have nailed this one. The drink itself is pretty delicious as well!

Beavertown Neck Oil

Our friends over at Beavertown Brewery are rather good when it comes to naming their beverages. They sell first-class hops that are called “Lazer Crush”, “Lupuloid” and “Gamma Ray” – how cool is that? 

Any of these pints would be deserving of a place in our top five, but we think “Neck Oil” is the shining star. Not only is it an outstanding way of describing beer, but it actually has a really interesting backstory, too. 

The Grandad of Beavertown’s founder would often joke that he was “off down the pub for a pint of neck oil”. As a result, this excellent tipple was named in his honour – what a fitting tribute!

Hawkes Dead & Berried

Although this drink is technically a cider and this blog is technically meant to be about beer, this name is so good, we just had to include it. Plus, the beverage itself is a seriously tasty one. It’s a fruity blend of medium dry cider and mixed red berries, providing a flavour that’s naturally smooth yet sweet. As Hawkes says, this brew is thoroughly “juiced up and ready to roll.”

Alphabet Brewing Company Juice Springsteen

Even Alphabet Brewing Co. themselves admit that this may be the best pun beer name in the world. We’d have to agree; Juice Springsteen is a corker of a title and the references to the famous musician don’t end there, either. The cans come embellished with punny names based around his greatest hits, our favourite being “Born to Juice” – classic!

BrewDog Elvis Juice

BrewDog’s grapefruit-infused IPA, Elvis Juice, is amongst our top names; it’s straight-up splendid to say aloud! However, we should be thankful that it still exists, as back in 2016, lawyers from Elvis Presley’s estate demanded that BrewDog alter it to something else.

Unfazed, each of the brewery’s cheeky founders changed their names to “Elvis” by deed poll, before explaining that the drink was simply named after themselves. The UK Intellectual Property Office ruled that the IPA was unlikely to be mistaken for the singer, and then the name remained. Long live Elvis Juice!

Try One for Yourself

The only thing better than the names of these beers is their taste. So, if you enjoyed this article, you’re going to love supping on a case of these cracking cans. 

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