The Best Fruity Beers to Enjoy This Spring

Whether you’re planning a relaxing picnic or a lively garden party, we’ve rounded up the best fruit beers for you to enjoy this spring. Read all about our five chosen drinks, before ordering a tantalising case to try for yourself.

Timmermans Pêche Lambicus

Made with 30 percent wheat, this delightful drink combines an authentic lambic with the stunningly sweet aroma of peach. The result is a mature beer with a velvety body and creamy foam head. Notice the slight bitterness that comes from the peach kernel and skin, alongside a strong fruity scent.

If this style truly tingles your taste buds, we have several more of this brewer’s range available, including strawberry, cherry and raspberry-flavoured lambics.

Schöfferhofer Grapefruit

If you’re searching for a low alcohol option, look no further than Schöfferhofer’s citrus fruit-filled brew. At just 2.5 percent, it’s a tipple that you can savour without a high ABV. 

Try these creative cans, which have a unique 50/50 balance of premium wheat beer and fresh grapefruit juice. Make sure you stock up in time for the sun to come out! Simply order a 12-pack and treat yourself to a perfectly refreshing pint.

Bacchus Kriekenbier

Brewed in Belgium, this beverage is a traditional Flemish red-brown beer made using cherries. During the brewing process, roasted malts are added to create hints of caramel, which beautifully complement the smell of ripe cherries. This is a must-try for any lovers of fruit beer, offering a gratifying sweet and sour combination.

Floris Passion

Put down your passion fruit martinis, Floris Passion is the new kid on the block. These bottles are chock-full of tropical passion fruit flavours and an acidic aroma, both of which will blow any cocktail out of the water!

Pour out a glass and admire its inviting, golden colour. Its thirst-quenching abilities (as well as its low 3.6 percent ABV) make it the ideal choice on a warm spring day.

Magic Rock Brewing Salty Kiss Gooseberry Gose

If you’ve never tried sour beer before, now is the time to start.

Salty Kiss by Magic Rock Brewing offers a brilliant first introduction to this unusual style. It’s a modern take on the established German Gose – an unfiltered, tangy tipple. 

Crack open one of these cans to taste this tart yet slightly salty brew. The notes of gooseberry, sea salt and sea buckthorn are sure to please your palate. Even better, it’s vegan!

Grab a Set for Spring

Find your favourite fruit beer among our entire selection, and pick up a pack, today. Then, read our other brew-tastic blog posts.

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