The Best Gluten-Free Beer for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to treat yourself to some fabulous food. Better yet, every dish can be paired beautifully with certain styles of beer to enhance their flavour.

The same goes for beverages without gluten. We want everyone to get the most out of their Chrimbo grub, so we’ve picked out the best gluten-free beer to go with each marvellous meal. Read on to discover our handy guide. 

Starters and Snacks

Appetisers are always on point at Christmastime. Now, with the large selection of Green’s gluten-free bottles, there’s a brew to go with every bite…

Smoked salmon blinis? Yes, please! The herbal aroma of the India Pale Ale will go excellently with the smoky flavours of the fish.

Next up, dive into a delicious cheese board, ideal at this time of year. Grab a goblet and pour out a glass of Discovery Amber. This medium-bodied, dark drink will complement the mature cheeses superbly.

Snacking is also a must on Xmas day, so having bags of crisps at your fingertips is simply the smart thing to do. Chuck them in a bowl and pass them around the room. Plus, it won’t hurt to have a few bottles of Daura Damm lager in the fridge; it’s the perfect everyday tipple and light enough that it won’t fill you up (even though all the crisps might).

Cracking Roast Dinners

Although we’re counting down to the big one, there’s no reason not to whip up a terrific roast dinner during the lead up to Christmas.

If chicken is your choice of meat, a West Coast pale ale will work wonderfully. The missing malty flavours in the beer will be brought out by the crispy skin on your browned roast. We like the Big Bang Theory West Coast Pale from Nene Valley Brewery.

Alternatively, dark ale works well with beef, while a black IPA is a lovely accompaniment for lamb. Tempted? If so, try the SYL Black Jaggery IPA from First Chop.

Pub Classics

Now that the days are short and the weather is, let’s face it, a little bit grim, we can all agree that it’s the best period to indulge in some hearty pub grub.

There’s never a bad time to tuck into a good ol’ burger, and the festive season is no different. Throw on some sauce, lettuce, American cheese and a side of fries. Heaven. Then, bust open a chilled bottle of Lawless Village IPA by Bellfield Brewery.

Looking for an alternative to Christmas pudding for afters? No one will grumble at a crumble! A warm apple crumble for dessert served with lashings of cream, hot custard or ice cream (however you like it) is sure to hit the spot on these cold evenings. Pair it with BrewDog’s Vagabond American pale ale. The citrus and tropical fruit flavours go remarkably well with the tart apple taste.

Start Stocking Up

You certainly won’t be going hungry (or thirsty) this year thanks to our round-up. Start shopping for beverages, today, at Beerhunter.

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