The Nation’s Favourite German Beer

Here at Beerhunter HQ, we’ve been watching various German delights fly off the shelves throughout the Oktoberfest season. In fact, seeing all those different varieties of beautiful brews got us thinking: which of these is our country’s favourite?

To find out, we decided the best people to ask would be our loyal customers, because who knows more about beer than hop heads themselves?

So, we did exactly that. We asked you what your preferred type of German beer was to help us crown the UK’s undisputed champion, and the results are in. 

The Runners Up…


Helles is a truly classic German beer, isn’t it? Translating to “light” in English, this pale lager’s inviting, golden colour makes it a real thing of beauty. It is a full-bodied beverage, with a perfect balance of sweet malts and spicy hops, making it particularly refreshing on a hot day.

It is primarily produced in Munich, with many of its breweries producing a version of this tasty tipple. Staatliches Hofbräuhaus München, Augustiner-Bräu and Löwenbräu each offer their own take on this splendid style, all of which are worth trying if you’re a lager lover.

Wheat Beer

Another drink with its roots set firmly in Bavaria is wheat beer and one that dates all the way back to 800 B.C. It’s no surprise then that the locals have thoroughly perfected this style over the decades! This top-fermented delight is brewed with 50% wheat to barley malt (as the name suggests) and often has a fruity zest to it.

There are a few variations of it available, including the “Weissbier”. However, if you’re craving a brew that really tastes like the famous celebration, try a bottle of ERDINGER Oktoberfest


No beverage is quite as synonymous with Oktoberfest than Festbier; this style is served at the festival itself. Only breweries based in Munich can call their creations “Festbiers”, so you know you’re sipping an authentic Bavarian tipple when enjoying a stein of this stuff.

It is defined by its sweet, malty taste and smooth feel, pairing perfectly with a bratwurst. Fancy a bottle? ABK’s limited-edition drink is a good place to start.

…and the winner is, *Drum roll, please*:


It’s official! The votes are in and we’ve crowned the pilsner as the UK’s favourite German beer. 

Any of these classics would’ve been worthy winners, but what sets this one apart from the crowd? Maybe it’s the delicious bitterness of its hops? Or, its robust flavour? Our taste buds are tingling just thinking about it! 

If you’re after a glug, take a look at our complete range of pilsners, now.

That’s All Folks!

Now that we’ve announced our most treasured type of German beer, we should celebrate with a stein or two, right? You can get all of the top styles from us by ordering online, (there are even some mixed cases for those of you who want to sample them all)!

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