Pancake Day

The Perfect Beer Pancake Recipe for Pancake Day

Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) has to be one of the greatest holidays out there. Let’s be honest, we wait patiently for it to arrive each year. Why? Because we can stuff ourselves silly with these sweet treats all day long! In fact, we usually buy the tasty ingredients well in advance to ensure we can produce plate after plate of these round, fluffy delights.

What you’re probably unaware of, though, is that adding a bottle of beer to your mixing bowl will make a world of difference. Luckily for you, we have the perfect recipe for some cracking craft beer pancakes. So, read on to find out what you’ll require in order to get flipping on the 16th of February!

Which Beer Should I Include in My Recipe?

There are plenty of craft brews on the market to stir into your marvellous mixture. However, the right one to choose really depends on what styles get your taste buds tingling!

For instance, if you consider yourself a bit of a chocoholic, then a First Chop POD vanilla stout would be a fine addition to your pancake mix. This beer’s chocolate notes and rich, velvety aroma pair perfectly with toppings like Nutella.

If you prefer a fruitier tasting pancake, opt for a Bacchus Framboise, which has an incredible dark raspberry flavour. You can then finish off your masterpiece with a drizzle of maple syrup and a handful of fresh berries. Yum!

What You’ll Require

For two servings, add these items to your shopping list ahead of the big day:

  • A 250ml bottle (or can) of craft beer
  • Caster sugar (four tablespoons)
  • Plain flour, sieved (125g)
  • Butter, melted (30g)
  • One egg, beaten
  • Baking powder (¾ tablespoons)
  • Vegetable oil (one tablespoon).

How Long Will the Pancakes Take to Cook?

  • Preparation time = 15 minutes
  • Cooking time = five minutes
  • Eating time = as long as you need to gobble them up.

In total, these bad boys will take about 20 minutes to make, flip and serve. So, get a punchy playlist prepared to dance around to while you’re cooking. If you’re making these on an evening, you could even grab an ice-cold brew out of the fridge to sup on! 

Now for the Recipe:

1. Weigh out each of the ingredients needed using a sturdy set of scales

2. Take a large bowl out of the cupboard (this is where the magic happens). Then, add and stir in the dry ingredients; this includes the plain flour, baking powder and caster sugar

4. Next, pour in the best bits: the beer, egg and melted butter, whisking all of these items until they’ve blended nicely. The batter should be a fairly thick consistency. Don’t worry, a few lumps here and there won’t go amiss

5. Place your frying (or griddle) pan on the hob and set it to medium heat. Add the vegetable oil and once it’s hot, begin spooning four tablespoons (60ml) of batter into the pan

6. Wait around three to five minutes for them to cook. When bubbles begin to appear on the top of your pancakes, it’s time to flip them over with a spatula. Or, toss the mixture in your pan and master the true art of pancake making

7. Finally, sizzle the other side of your pancakes until they are golden brown in colour. Now it’s time to plate them up and enjoy with your favourite topping. Delicious!

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