Vegan Beers

Looking for a refreshing pint of vegan beer? Many UK brands offer a whole range for you to choose from (as do breweries from across the pond). Wonderful!

So, what makes a brew vegan? Easy: one that doesn’t use animal products, additives or processing agents. That means you can guzzle down a glorious glass knowing your beverage is completely vegan-friendly!

Explore New Horizons

If you’re a beer drinker who wants to try a plant-based bottle, pick up one of First Chop’s selection, like their Hoppy Blonde ale. Or, opt for six cans of Salty Kiss by Magic Rock Brewing, for a gooseberry taste sensation. These are just a few of the tremendous tipples available on the market; you can go wild exploring a variety of dreamy drinks and flavours.

Whether you lead a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle or simply want to indulge in some alternative hops, try one of these premium pints for yourself, today.