Vegan Gluten-free Mixed Case with Glass

Vegan Christmas Beer for Christmas Cheer

At this time of year, countless drinkers ask us “is beer vegan?” We’re here to answer that question, so you can crack on with buying plant-based Christmas presents for your friends. 

First thing’s first: most are, but there’s still many out there that aren’t. Vegans can’t guzzle down every bottle on the market because of certain ingredients which are added in the brewing process – boo.

Don’t worry, though; plenty of brilliant brands do cater to the vegan lifestyle and still produce top-quality hops. That’s why we’ve created this beer gift guide. We want to make sure no one misses out on the joys of sipping a refreshing beverage over Xmas! 

  1. First Chop Salford Red Ale

Did you know that every one of these Manchester-brewed cans is vegan? Well, they are, meaning you (or your mates) are able to choose any out of the entire bunch to enjoy. Result. 

Each of First Chop’s flavours are delicious, but we think this set of Salford RED is an ideal present to receive at Christmastime. The packaging is bright red (just like Mr Claus’s outfit) and will fit in wonderfully with your festive decorations!

  1. Magic Rock Salty Kiss Gooseberry Sour 4.1% ABV

Grabbing a six or a 12-pack of this exceptional stuff is sure to please your plant-based pals. The light, sour yet fruity gooseberry flavour will tickle their taste buds instantly. It’ll go down a treat on the 25th (we promise)!

  1. Gluten-Free & Vegan Craft Beer Case Gift Set with Glass

This brilliant case screams: Go big or go home! If you want to spoil someone this year, then your giftee can indulge in a whopping 12 beers from a range of different brewers, including the likes of Green’s, BrewDog and Bellfield Brewery (to name a few). 

Even better, this prized set of goodies will arrive in an eye-catching Hoppy Christmas Gift Box. They are all gluten-free, too, and each drink can be poured into our Official Beerhunter Schooner Glass! What’s not to love?

  1. Joseph Holt’s Crystal Gold Lager 275ml Bottles – 4.5% ABV 

Make this festive celebration one to remember for that special person in your life. Simply bag 12 bottles of Joseph Holt Crystal Gold lager!

Trust us, this beer’s smooth texture and the slightly sweet, floral notes will be highly appreciated! The golden allure of the drink itself adds a super Christmassy vibe as well. 

  1. Nene Valley Brewing Pulping On Your Stereo IPA 330ml Cans – 4.5% ABV

Is your partner a fan of a zesty tipple? You’re in luck, then, because these Pulping on your Stereo cans from Nene Valley Brewery are packed with juicy flavour. 

This beverage is made with hundreds of fresh oranges. It brings a proper zingy taste to anyone’s lips AND it’s gluten-free – what a win! So, this 12-pack is the perfect present for your plant-based buds.

Get stuck in…

Now you know about the best vegan beers around, it’s about time you bought your loved ones some. Take a look at what we have to offer and place your order, now, to achieve all-round Christmas cheer!

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