Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Home

Most of us are looking forward to the beginning of a new year, but how can we celebrate if we need to stay at home? Actually, we have one or two suggestions for you… Find out what you can do to enjoy New Year’s Eve (2020) from your living room. Crack Open 2021 Sure, celebrations […]

Best Beers to Drink with your Christmas Dinner

When writing your Christmas dinner list, it’s crucial that you consider what you’ll be drinking. We know that the lager lovers at the table will want an array of options available. For this reason, we’ve created this handy guide to help you build your knowledge on the best beer pairings for each part of your […]

Cooking with Beer at Christmas

At Beerhunter, we’re all about great brews. From pilsners to IPAs, there are so many different types of the stuff, each with individual tastes and aromas. In fact, not only do we like to drink them, we quite like putting them in our food, too. So, why not get creative with your Christmas recipes this […]

Vegan Gluten-free Mixed Case with Glass

Vegan Christmas Beer for Christmas Cheer

At this time of year, countless drinkers ask us “is beer vegan?” We’re here to answer that question, so you can crack on with buying plant-based Christmas presents for your friends.  First thing’s first: most are, but there’s still many out there that aren’t. Vegans can’t guzzle down every bottle on the market because of […]

The Best Gluten-Free Beer for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to treat yourself to some fabulous food. Better yet, every dish can be paired beautifully with certain styles of beer to enhance their flavour. The same goes for beverages without gluten. We want everyone to get the most out of their Chrimbo grub, so we’ve picked out the best gluten-free […]

Picking the Right Gift for a Beer Expert

We all know someone who’s a self-proclaimed beer expert. Maybe your partner adores a pale ale, or perhaps your pal has been telling you all about the ins and outs of pilsners? So, what could make a better Christmas present than their current favourite tipple? The thing is, it isn’t always easy to buy gifts […]

Christmas Stockings

The Best Beer Stocking Fillers

The holly jolly season is now upon us; meaning you’ll need to start getting your shop on for the 25th of December!  Are you the Santa of your household? Well then, you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled for some cracking Christmas stocking fillers. Don’t sweat it Mr Claus; we have oodles of excellent items […]

Top Beer Gifts for a Secret Santa

Secret Santas are a true staple of the festive season, although this tremendous tradition can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, there’s the fun of receiving an unexpected treat, but what do you buy for the friend you’ve drawn? Well, if you’re short of secret Santa gift ideas, you can finally cast […]

What better way to kick start the festive season than by celebrating with our 12 IPA Craft Beer of Christmas Gift Set.

Beerhunter’s 12 Beers of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas are almost upon us, so how can we celebrate? Well, you can start by diving into our hand-picked 12 beers of Christmas set (one for each day, of course). Read on to find out what you should be drinking this festive season… BrewDog Hoppy Christmas – UK Begin with a […]