With Firestone Walker Flyjack a remarkably drinkable hazy IPA that is crafted for adventure. Crisp and hazy and tropical fruit.

March Beer of the Month

If you feel like unwinding with a crisp, full-flavoured pint, our beer of the month for March is the one for you! Firestone Walker Flyjack is a truly refreshing, hazy IPA. As the sun starts to come out and we inch ever-closer to spring, these cans are just what we have been craving. Sup on […]

The Perfect Pilsner: Beer Reviews and Comparisons

Are you a fan of a certain brand or style of brew but can never decide on which drink to go for? Picking your ideal beverage can sometimes be a tricky task, which is why we’ve decided to start a new series of beer reviews and comparisons. Today, we’ll be discussing a popular type of […]

The Best Craft Beer Names Out There

We should always give good names to the things we love – including beer. Luckily, there’s an almost endless array of weird, wonderful and funny craft beer names on the market. In fact, there are so many that we’ve decided to round up some of our favourites! ShinDigger Mango Unchained The greatest names are those […]

beavertown mixed 12 pack 6 flavours

Breweries with The Most Aesthetically Pleasing Beer Labels

When it comes to creative beer label designs, craft breweries tend to have the upper hand. Each one wants its products to be noticed among a sea of other brands, so its labels need to be both quirky and attention-grabbing.  All that means is that there’s so many to choose from. However, we’ve managed to […]

Pancake Day

The Perfect Beer Pancake Recipe for Pancake Day

Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) has to be one of the greatest holidays out there. Let’s be honest, we wait patiently for it to arrive each year. Why? Because we can stuff ourselves silly with these sweet treats all day long! In fact, we usually buy the tasty ingredients well in advance to ensure we […]

Best Beer and Food For Valentine's

Best Beer and Food Pairings for Valentine’s Day

Having a romantic dinner with your partner is one of the greatest ways to spend Valentine’s Day. However, as this year’s holiday falls on a Sunday, you’ll be hoping to indulge in a tipple or two while tucking into some glorious grub. You won’t want to ruin a special meal by mixing flavours that don’t […]

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Beer and Spirit Lovers

Although flowers and chocolates have a bit of a monopoly over Valentine’s Day, there are a few alternatives you might want to consider before reaching for the roses. In fact, at Beerhunter, we believe the greatest gifts are those that show your significant other how much you know them. So, if your partner is someone […]

Valentine's Day Celebration

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Bring on the boxes of chocolates to devour, the dreamy date-night plans and of course, an ice-cold beer or spirit to indulge in. This year, you can’t grab a bite to eat at your favourite restaurant or savour an aptly named cocktail at a gin bar. Not to worry, though; […]

The Best IPA Beers on the Market

Second only to lager, India pale ale (better known as IPA) is the UK’s favourite type of beer – and why wouldn’t it be? It’s full of magnificent malts, plus, it comes in a huge range of flavours. The widespread popularity of this style has encouraged countless breweries to put their own spin on this […]

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