Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day 2022 – Sunday 27th March – the day is nearly here! Here at Beerhunter, we don’t just do beer! We have a wide range of beautiful, personalised spirit gifts, perfect for Mother’s Day. Our Mother’s Day gifts make the extra special present, whatever her tipple. Gin, whiskey, rum or vodka – Beerhunter has […]

Beerhunter’s Beer Glass Guide

With the evolution of beer has come the evolution of beer glasses. Differing in material, size and shape, each beer glass lends itself to different beer styles in order to achieve the optimal taste and temperature. At Beerhunter, we offer a variety of different beer glass types, so that our customers can enjoy their favourite […]

Craft Beer Delivery

Beerhunter is a craft beer online delivery company specialising in all beers from around the world. Our goal is to explore all the beers from around the world and share them with our beer enthusiast customers. Find your new favourite beer with our specially selected mixed beer cases from our inhouse experts at Beerhunter. Each […]

Beerhunters Top Lager Beers

Beerhunter has specially selected our top lager beers for our beer enthusiasts to try. With this selection of lagers, you will be taken across Germany and America to sup on the best lagers known to us. Augustiner Helles lager Hell is an absolute belter of a beer. There’s a reason its Beerhunters top lager! Augustiner […]

Beerhunters Top 5 IPAs

As we step in to 2022, Beerhunter wants to start the new year with our top 5 Indian pale ales. An IPA beer is a hoppy style beer that generally has a higher alcohol percentage than other beers. It was originally needed because brewers needed to keep the beer fresher for longer on the travels […]

German Beers cases | Beerhunter | german alcohol

German Beer

Germanys vast selection of beers means they offer a delicious beer for any unique taste. German Beer is a huge part of German culture. They are only permitted to brew beer using Reinheitgebot, also known as “purity order”. This ensures all German breweries use water, hops, and malt as the sole ingredients for making their […]


Christmas Craft Beer Gifts

Christmas Craft Beer Gifts     Here at BeerHunter we offer personalised craft beer gift sets. The perfect Christmas gift boxes for any beer loving family member or friend. Personalised to make the Christmas celebrations even more special, just simply add a name to show you’re going that extra mile. Our craft beer Christmas gifts […]

Hobgoblin best dad craft beer gift set

Craft Beer Gifts

Craft Beer Gifts Here at BeerHunter we specialise in craft beer gift sets. Our aim is to introduce unique craft beers to true beer lovers. Our gift set selection offers a wide range of micro-brewed beers. Offering a huge variety of beers of the world. Including German beer, American beer, Belgian beer, British beer, and […]