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Beerhunter is a craft beer online delivery company specialising in all beers from around the world. Our goal is to explore all the beers from around the world and share them with our beer enthusiast customers.




Find your new favourite beer with our specially selected mixed beer cases from our inhouse experts at Beerhunter. Each case has been chosen to feature different beers from different breweries from all around the world. Beerhunter has a mega range of beers from different countries, ranging from British, German, American, Belgium and many more beers for you to try. 

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Round the world mixed case | beer hunter
European Alcohol Free Beer Mixed Case (12 Pack)




Here at Beerhunter we specialise in delivering craft beers to your doorstep; quickly and safely. All Beerhunter cases are collectively packed in a sturdy and safe Beerhunter branded box ready for delivery. We offer alcohol free, gluten free and specially selected vegan craft lager gift sets. Ensuring everyone can be a part of the delicious world of beers.

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Our craft beer selection offers customers to choose exactly what craft beer they are after. Choose from our best sellers such as the Great British craft beer mixed case, or head to Germany and sup on 10 different German craft beers. Explore our craft beer range by viewing through our style of beers, including IPA, Helles, and Pale ales. Have a preferred country? Select your perfect case of beers from our “Beers by Country” section.

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Oktoberfest German Craft Beer Mixed Case with Official Branded BeerHunter Glass (10 Pack)
Delivery | Beerhunter box Next dat Delivery | 3-5 day delivery




If you can’t wait for your delicious selection of craft beers, we offer next day delivery on all our cases. Travel the world in one day buy purchasing our round the world case and sup on a beer from 12 different countries. If you’re patient we offer 3–5-day delivery, but let’s be honest, we’d all prefer next day.

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