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The US is home to many amazing breweries. Don’t worry about the distance, though; there’s a whole range of beverages available online, which are crafted by iconic American beer brands. 

A ton of beer is produced at over 7,000 breweries there – which is pretty impressive. The most common kind made by the experts across the pond? American lager, or North American lager (as some drinkers call it). This pale style of drink has an appealing light-yellow colour and a full, hoppy taste!

When you start sipping beers from American breweries, you won’t ever look back! Sample one of Brooklyn Brewery’s eye-catching bottles, or swig a few of Flying Dog Brewery’s funkily-designed craft cans.

You’re bound to find a favourite pint that’s brewed in the land of opportunity. So, why not grab a couple of tempting cases online to see for yourself?