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What is Brugse Zot?

Brugse Zot is one of only two kinds of beer that is still brewed in the historical centre of Bruges, which makes it pretty special. We’re sure that any Belgian ale enthusiasts out there would love to get their hands on some!

Legend has it that back in medieval times, the king declared Bruges a city of madmen. Since then, the nickname ‘fools of Bruges’ has stuck, so De Halve Maan Brewery decided to name their beer after it.

What Beers Do They Make? 

These well-established brewers now distribute a few varieties of the drink, including the popular, golden-coloured Brugse Zot Blond. Using a blend of four different malts, it has a slightly spiced and fruity taste, which you can relish with every sip. Plenty of fresh ingredients are packed into every pint, too; you can tell these brewmasters really know their stuff.

This enticing beverage should be a staple for your home bar, and it’s a great choice if you want to get your teeth into top-quality beer. So, pick up a few bottles online today – you’d be a fool not to!