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Westmalle beer is produced by Westmalle Brewery in, you guessed it, the Westmalle Abbey. This brand creates punchy Trappist drinks, and they’re one of just six monasteries left in Belgium that are recognised by the International Trappist Association.

If the idea of monks brewing pints is news to you, it shouldn’t be; these lot have been at it since 1836! After nearly two centuries of practice, they’ve got their recipes down to a tee. In fact, many haven’t changed in years.

Grab a case of Westmalle Tripel to enjoy a strong, golden-coloured blonde beer. You might’ve heard the term ‘tripel’ before, but this brewery is credited with being the first to use it. Looking for something a little darker, richer and fruitier? Well then, pick up a pack of Westmalle Dubbel!

Even better, each bottle is made with the finest ingredients and goes through rigorous checks. So, their quality is second-to-none. 

Shop online, today, to taste these Belgian brews yourself – it’s a truly religious experience.