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Quilmes beer is produced in sunny Argentina at the Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes, and this fascinating South American brewer needs to be talked about. They are a big name in their country, making up a whopping 75 percent of the beer market there – impressive!

The brewery was actually started by a lager lover from Germany, so you can expect Bavarian styles with a twist. Quilmes Clásica is the ideal all-round pale brew that is perfect to enjoy at home, as its light body leaves you feeling refreshed.

This lager has an eye-catching golden colour and offers a malty yet mellow character that will have you coming back for more. Each sip is pleasingly bitter too, with a crisp finish. It’s also great to drink among friends, and each glass will taste even better than the last.

Travel to Argentina with each swig, when you indulge in Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes’ best beverages. Their beers are sweeping the world, offering bags of flavour in each bottle. Why not be a part of it and pick up a case? Treat you and your mates, today.