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Alphabet Brewing Company has been producing exciting concoctions in Manchester since 2014. Offering distinctive, hop-heavy drinks, they’ve broken into the craft beer world with a bang!

Browse their collection of unique tipples, which spans a number of different styles. Opt for a 330ml can of Charlie Don’t Surf, a citrus explosion in a session IPA. They give each of their drinks a fun, punny name, too. Just take Juice Springsteen for example – a fruit-filled tropical IPA.

Alongside their core range, they’ve also got a ‘special’ selection, featuring even more unusual brews. Try the There Cannoli Be One stout to taste a pint with a chocolate and pistachio flavour. Their funky label designs are the work of local street artist Nick Hamilton, helping to ensure they stand out from the crowd.

So, if ABC’s brilliant beverages sound right up your alley, grab a six or 12-pack online, today, to get your hands on these crazy creations.